Fashion Spotlight On: Transitioning Your Wardrobe For Winter

As we all flood back to campus this week after Thanksgiving break there is an unavoidable reality that we will all face— Spokane is FREEZING. After surviving the windstorms, the weather seemed to calm down. There was a slight winter bite in the air, but it was possible to walk outside without feeling your lungs crystallize and freeze. That is no longer a possibility. With temperatures averaging in the 20’s for the foreseeable future it is time to switch over to the winter wardrobe.

For many people, preparing for winter may mean putting away all of their fashionable, well fitted clothing and swapping them out for anything fleece, down, and insulated. And while staying warm and cozy in the winter should absolutely be your priority, there are a few ways that you can adapt clothes intended for warmer weather for use in the frigid cold.

When the snow and rain come down, the dresses and skirt go away….or maybe not? While they are not naturally as warm as pants or leggings, dresses and skirts can be winterized when paired with the proper pieces. Throw on a comfy pair of leggings under your favorite dress and wear chunky wool socks to keep your feet warm. Or mix-and-match the seasons by putting on a dress or skirt under a chunky turtleneck sweater and military jacket. With dresses and skirts, the key is layering.

Similar to dresses and skirts, the key to making light shirts, tank tops, and blouses work for winter is layering. Depending on the look and style of the shirt, as well as what sweater or jacket you’ll be wearing over them, laying a solid black or white turtle neck or long sleeve shirt underneath could make strapless and less warm options more viable for winter. Layering multiple shirts can be tricky, so be sure to pay attention to how they lay when paired together. However, this is a great, warm, easy way to add dimension and texture to your outfit so play around with it and have fun!

This may just be my personal pet peeve, but there seems to be an unwritten rule that people follow about not wearing light wash jeans in winter. I think this is bogus because light wash jeans can serve as a nice, bright contrast to the darker colors in most winter clothing. Pairing light wash jeans with some boots and a dark sweater is a modern, chic way to incorporate your favorite summer jeans into your winter wardrobe.

While there will inevitably be some pieces that you can’t figure out how to transition for winter, there are probably many items sitting in your closet that are more versatile than you realize. Take some time and explore your closet and who knows— your favorite summer piece may just become your new favorite winter go-to. Stay warm and stylish Zags!


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