6 Reasons to Convince Your Friends to do Secret Santa

With Christmas coming up, gift giving is definitely on our minds. It can be fun, but it can also be stressful and expensive! Here are a 6 reasons to get your friends to do secret santa. 🙂

1.No one gets left out


Nothing’s worse than when you start handing out your presents and you realize that you forgot to get someone a gift. Especially when they are right there, bright-eyed, ready for you to hand them their gift too. So you just tell them, “your present’s at home! I didn’t know you’d be here” when  you’re really thinking “crap crap crap! I’ll just bake you something.”

2. There’s less stress in trying to find each person an amazing gift


Granted, for some people, you already know what the perfect gift would be for them. However, there’s no doubt that we stress about finding certain people good gift. So you’re standing meandering around a store trying to decide what would be even a moderately okay gift to give them. And all you’re thinking is, “get me out of here.”

3.  You end up having to crunch less numbers


Altogether, you spend less money than if you bought each person a gift! ($20 on one person usually ends up costing less than $10 per person in your friend group) In other words, less numbers to add to the amount you spent on Christmas gifts.

4. You can set the spending limits so that one person doesn’t get a crappy gift

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.56.14 AM

No one wants to be the person who gives the crappy present or the person who gets the crappy present. Spending limits can prevent that! Plus, the gift you end up giving ends up having more value because you’ll spend more on that one gift or you’ll have put more thought & effort into making that one gift.

5. Anonymity & mystery are fungiphy

If you make it a rule that no one can tell each other who they have for secret santa until the reveal, it keeps everyone on their toes. Not to mention, it forces each person to really think of what to get for their secret santa because no one can ask for help on what to get.

6. You can have a get together to do the gift exchange


What sounds better than Christmas sweaters, hot cocoa, presents, and good company? Pretty much nothing! Get the gang together to exchange gifts…and take lots of pictures.


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