Fashion Spotlight on: Holiday Party Style

Whether it is an ugly sweater party or an elegant soirée, odds are that you will be attending some sort of Christmas party over the course of the holiday season. While Christmas parties are times to gather with friends, family and loved ones to celebrate the reason for the season. Surrounding you with mass amounts of santa shaped cookies, eggnog, and Christmas carols these holiday parties make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So this year, why not look as good as you’ll feel? I’ve complied a fool proof style guide that will hopefully easy your pre-party outfit anxiety.

For the Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

The title “Ugly Christmas Sweater” can often be misleading if you ask me because sometimes those over the top, crazy sparkly, bejeweled and bedazzled holiday sweaters can be just corny enough to be adorable. Whether its a fuzzy bright red light-up santa cardigan you’re rocking or a sequin covered clothing homage to frosty the snowman, the options are endless. BUT what if you don’t have one of these magical sweaters sitting in your closet? Here’s what to do:

THRIFT IT UP. Thrift shops are swimming with old Christmas sweaters. Odds are, 20 minutes at Value Village and you won’t be able to choose which masterpiece to rock at your next party.
STILL NOT SATISFIED? You’ve spent minutes trolling the aisles of Value Village and you still haven’t found that one sweater that speaks to you? Have no fear. Pick up any plain sweater then head on over to the craft supply store. Buy some felt, a few sequins and some glitter glue and go to town. Make yourself the ugliest Christmas sweater your heart can imagine.
For the glitziest and most glamorous Christmas party of the year

Outfits for fancier Christmas parties require a little bit more attention to detail than an ugly sweater party. There are lots of decisions to contemplate: Should I wear a dress? Or a skirt? Maybe I’ll try a romper? Or pants could be warmer and more comfortable? Will heels be too much? With so many options, the key is to pick an outfit that is festive, comfortable, and makes you feel good. Here are a few outfit ideas that I turn to when I’m stumped coming up with a holiday outfit:

SIMPLE BUT DETAILED. Throw on a comfy dress— I recommend black, burgundy, dark green, or a cool winter whit. Pair this with a pair of detailed or decorative tights, some classic black or nude heel. Finish the look off with a statement necklace and some lip gloss and you’re ready to go!

CHIC AND COMFORTABLE. Not feeling your usual go-to party dress or skirt and shirt combo? Never fear. There are plenty of ways to make a great pair of pants and a cozy sweater appropriate and festive enough to wear to any holiday celebration. Pair together some plain black skinnies, a flowy blouse or overs-ized sweater, some glitzy chandelier earrings and simply black heels. You’ll look great, you’ll feel comfortable, and most important of all— you’ll be warm


No matter what the attire, holiday parties are times to celebrate the season with those you love. So throw on whatever makes you feel most festive and jolly, then go enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. Merry Christmas Zags!


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