Stairway Conversations: Politics (Well, kind of)

Yes, it’s that time again. Yes, there is a lot of debate. No, this isn’t trying to be a political soap box.


Date: January 21, 2016

Building: College Hall

Staircase: Indoor stairs near Magnuson



Broken speech: “Sarah Palin – endorse – what.”



While that may not be a complete sentence, I think most of us will be able to get the gist. Yes, we’re now in the midst of the next Presidential election cycle, and, yes, Sarah Palin did just give her support to Donald Trump.

Without stepping on too many people’s toes, I thought it would be interesting to talk a bit about the current state of the election.


Every time I’ve talked with someone about this cycle – as it is with most elections – there are so many different opinions. Even if both people like the same person, it’s for completely different reasons.

The other aspect of this election is the split that is occurring between the different generations. Whenever I talk to someone of the Boomer generation – or even older ones – they seem to be leaning away from Bernie. But sometimes, they really like him.


On the other hand, whenever I talked to someone here at Gonzaga – specifically, students – there is a general gravitation towards Bernie or Clinton. But there are also lots of people who support Trump and other Republic candidates. I think this divide goes to show that just because you belong to one cohort, doesn’t mean you have to like a certain candidate. Sure, there may be trends, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a part of it.

I think the divide that occurs between candidates is an interesting one, because it permeates a lot of more of our lives than we may think. A few times when I’ve been in Hemmingson, I’ve overheard some people having pretty heated conversations about who they think needs to be the next POTUS. And don’t get me wrong – healthy debate is a great thing, and something that has become far to scarce in today’s society.


It’s important to understand your own political views, but it’s also important – if not paramount – to understand the other side. I challenge all of us to try and put ourselves in other people’s shoes (always, but in this case, their political shoes). If you already do, that’s great – we need it, so help encourage others – but if you don’t, doing so will open up new perspectives for you. And, who knows, maybe you’ll find out something new.


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