KJ Does Love: First Date Do’s and Don’ts

Dating Do’s:

Do be polite
Having great manners always makes for a great first impression. Open the door for your date! If you’re at a restaurant, pull out their chair when you get to your table. Your date will really appreciate the little things.

Do pick a comfortable location
Where you decide to go on a first date depends on your relationship prior to the first date. If this is a friend who you are hoping to blossom into a romantic relationship with, a nice restaurant could be appropriate. If this is a first date with a complete stranger or someone you barely know, a coffee date is highly suggested. Coffee dates are low pressure and casual. Also, if the date isn’t going very well, you don’t have to sit through an entire meal.

Do have good hygiene
Don’t forget to apply deodorant and brush your teeth! Body odor and/or this morning’s bagel stuck in your teeth can be a little distracting.

do have good hygiene


Even if you’re nervous, try and eat! Your date could get uncomfortable about eating if they notice you’re not eating too.

do eat

Do be punctual
Being late to the date doesn’t make a very good first impression. Plan ahead and make sure you’ll have enough time to get ready and get there.

Do ask questions
No one likes a date with someone who only talks about themselves. Make sure to ask questions and express that you’re truly interested in getting to know them better. So….shut up and listen.

Do be honest
When the first date is over, it’s the moment of truth. Will there be a second date? It’s important to be honest. Don’t string someone along if you don’t genuinely see it going anywhere. If you do see it going somewhere, don’t leave them wondering either!

do be honest

Dating Don’ts:

Don’t argue over the check
If your date reaches for the check immediately, offer to pay too, but don’t argue. Chances are, if your date was that eager to reach for the check, they are happy to treat you. It can come off as insulting if you put up too much of a fight about it.

Don’t bring up controversial issues
Politics and religious views may not be the best topics for a first date… especially if you end up disagreeing. You don’t know this person very well yet and you don’t know which topics may be sensitive for them. It’s great to discuss controversial issues, but save it for the second or third date!

Don’t order finger food
No matter how clean you try and be, finger foods are usually not the most attractive for the first date. Maybe avoid foods that involve getting barbecue sauce all over your face and hands.

don't eat finger food

Don’t take out your phone!!!
Notice how I didn’t say, “Don’t look at your phone.” Don’t even TAKE OUT your phone! Unless it’s to exchange numbers, leave your phone on silent in your pocket or in your purse so you’re not even tempted to look. Nothing is worse than a date who isn’t giving their full attention to you. Your BFF Katie can wait to hear how the date is going.

Don’t over speak or under speak
Make sure to let them speak and make sure that you speak an adequate amount as well. It’s important to keep the conversation balanced.

Don’t focus on your appearance
There’s nothing worse than someone who cares about their appearance a little too much. Try not to adjust your clothing or play with your hair or reapply make up. Trust me- you look great!

don't focus on appearance

Now get out there and ask that cutie out that you’ve been eyeing in Starbucks!   

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