KJ Does Love: Top Ten Date Spots in Spokane

 Top Ten Date Spots in Spokane

(in no particular order)

1. Riverfront Park
A date spot that doesn’t require spending money is Riverfront Park located in downtown Spokane. Riverfront Park is one hundred acres of trails, playgrounds and there’s even a carousel! Take your date on a run, a bike ride or a stroll along the river!

2. Clinkerdagger
Located along the river, Clinkerdagger is known for its amazing views, food and atmosphere. If it’s a warm day, sit on the patio!

3. Frank’s Diner

Instead of dinner, why not try a breakfast date? Located on W 2nd Avenue, Frank’s Diner is inside of a train car and is perfect for an intimate date with that special someone. WARNING: the wait is long.

4. Manito Park and Botanical Gardens

Not looking to spend any money? As it gets warmer in spring, I highly suggest taking your date to these beautiful gardens. Acres of flowers and fountains are great for conversations or talking a stroll and enjoying the silence together.

5. The Melting Pot
Do you love dipping things in cheese and chocolate? Then The Melting Pot is the date spot for you. It is very classy and romantic. Make reservations!

6. The Davenport Grand
If you’re looking to spoil your sweetie, the Davenport Grand is a great way to do it! Located in the Davenport hotel, this restaurant is fancy, delicious and unique.

7. Atticus

Located in downtown Spokane, Atticus is a store as well as a coffee shop! It’s an adorable setting to sit and have a conversation, do homework together or shop around!

8. Wild Sage Bistro
If you’re looking for something more on the pricy and romantic side, try Wild Sage! There is great service, atmosphere and seafood! Try this hidden gem.

9. South Perry Pizza
If you’re a pizza lover, check out South Perry Pizza! There’s so many kinds of pizza anywhere from simple pepperoni to steak and blue cheese. When it’s warmer, they open up one entire wall of the restaurant which lets in the breeze and provides for a cool setting. If you’re free on a Wednesday night, there’s free entertainment!

10. The Shop

The Shop, a coffee house in the South Perry Business District

Known for its homey feel, The Shop is a small and cozy coffee shop located on South Perry. It’s a great place to sit and catch up. Check out their frequent weekend performances!

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