What Your Favorite Building On Campus Says About You


If you’re in one place long enough, you begin to develop favorite things about that place. You may have a favorite shower in your dorm, a favorite parking spot on campus, or a favorite child who will somehow always be better than the child who writes blogs for a living, even though the one who writes blogs works really hard to gain your approval and all they’ve ever really wanted is your love.

It’s not uncommon to have a favorite building on campus. These places become almost like second homes for you, and you may even find yourself missing them when you’re on break. Let’s adventure together as we find out what your favorite building at Gonzaga says about you.

 1. Hemmingson


You’re the popular kid.

You care about your appearances and are even willing to spend $60 million to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Although some people may still complain about your infrastructure, you still draw crowds and people will always hang out with you. In fact, we’ll even make sure to feature you on tours to make us look good.

2. Crosby


You’re the lovable kid.

You’re basically a more humble version of the Hemmingson kid. You used to be everybody’s go-to. You had charm and you made everybody you came into contact with feel special. People often said you embodied Gonzaga. That all changed once the new kid came. Everybody still loves you, but it’s more for nostalgic reasons now. Although you’re not as popular as you once were, everyone can still count on you to deliver (Get it? It’s a joke about mail delivery).

3. McCarthey Athletic Center


You’re the crazy one.

On some nights you’re pretty quiet. On other nights, however, you become a whole different creature. You have this weird, cult-like charisma that has created a devoted following. People will drive for hours to hang out with you and are willing to sleep out in the snow just to spend two hours with you. You have a reputation for always getting what you want. People occasionally try to beat you, but your legions of devoted followers will get into their heads before your five giant friends destroy them. People from all across the nation know not to mess with you.

4. CM


You’re a freshman.

5. Roncalli 


You’re a freshman who was way too late on housing registration.

6. Foley Library


You’re the one that’s always there for your friends.

If a friend is having a crisis at midnight before a big test, they’ll turn to you for help. Even though some of your friends ignore you for most of the year, you’ll always be there to help them in December in April. That being said, sometimes you need absolute silence. Like, breathe-too-loud-and-I’ll-kill-you silence.

7. College Hall


You’re the leader.

Even though you haven’t been on campus as long as people think, it feels like you’ve been here forever. You’re strong, dependable, and while not necessarily sexy, you definitely have the sort of beauty that attracts people to you. You may be intimidating at first, but people will soon realize that’s just part of your charm. You have a prestige and charisma that make people willing to walk up ridiculously steep flights of stairs for you. Even President Thayne McCulloh hangs out with you.

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