Stairway Conversations: The Oscars

Movie time, movie time! I can now officially say that there is less than a month away until The Oscars!


Date: January 27, 2016

Building: Hemmingson

Staircase: Rotunda Stairs



“Are you gonna go see any of those?”


I guess this quote deserves a little context: I was downstairs by the front desk in Hemmingson and two people were walking down the stairs and then walked past the front desk and pointed at the list of past Oscar-winning movies that Hemmingson is showing up until The Oscars (February 28).


First, that’s a great question – Are you? Huh? I mean, I am. You should. I could not be more excited for The Oscars. There’s just something about them that is so fascinating to me (whether it’s the movie industry getting praised or the #OscarsSoWhite topic of conversation going around). Anyways, it seems as though everyone has something to say about The Oscars.


Aside from some of the issues that are coming up from The Oscars, this year marks the sixth year our good friend Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated. Will this be the year for him? It might be a close call between him and Matt Damon for his performance in The Martian (and even Eddie Redmayne). Truly, I can’t even – and don’t really want to – imagine what would happen if he won. I mean, the Internet would probably go crazy – up until now (and possibly through this year) poor Leo has been a running joke when it comes to winning . . . things (an Oscar). (But, on a happier note, his movie, The Revenant, has been nominated for 12 Oscars, so it’s bound to win something.)


Now, I’m not one to really guess who will win what award (just kidding), but this year there are going to be some pretty tough calls. This year, as it is most years, the award for best picture is going to be tough – and while I didn’t see all of them, the ones I did were all pretty equally amazing.

So, for now, I’ll leave the predictions to the experts and the real decision making to The Academy (and hope that, if she wins, this doesn’t happen again:)



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