KJ Does Love: Relationship Advice

With Valentine’s Day come and gone, you may be left feeling giddy, lonely, or just completely confused.

You may or may not have heard that the Bulletin is beginning a new column entitled “Ask Ally” where students can write in for advice. Ally is a graduate student and describes the column as a conversation where students can have a voice and get input. If you’re wondering what types of questions you would ask, Ally says, “The hot topic is relationship advice but personal issues can be anything from depression to financial questions to family issues to what to do when you graduate.”

So you may be asking youIMG_5078rself: who is this Ally person and why should I ask her my personal questions? In response, she says, “I asked myself the same question. I am older. I’m a very critical thinker. I’ve been through some experiences that most maybe haven’t at this point in their lives. I’ve been married. I’ve been divorced. I’ve had relationships. I know how difficult it is being away from family.”

When asked what she would say to people who are nervous to write in, Ally responded, “There might be other people having the same struggles you are. Not only will you get support but you will help other who are having that same problem. At Gonzaga, we’re a family and everyone has each others’ backs and we should be able to have these conversations. I encourage students to write in and it will be anonymous.” Ally wants the Gonzaga community to know that questions are not limited to questions about love.

Send your questions to bulletinadvice@zagmail.gonzaga.edu.


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