6 Things That Are Worse Than Failing A Midterm


Midterms can be stressful. I get that pointing out that midterms cause stress is as obvious as saying “water can be wet” or “using a cliché about how obvious something is can be a sign of lazy writing,” but that doesn’t make it any less true. One way that I like to deal with stressful situations is by considering how much worse my life could be, so here are a few things that are objectively worse than failing a midterm.

 1. Hunger/Disease/Other Things People Would Be Mad About If I Didn’t Include


Look, I didn’t even want to include this section. I’m pretty sure that everybody knows that things like starvation, disease, injury, or the death of a loved on is way worse than failing a midterm. That being said, if I neglected to mention the obvious things I know there would be at least one idiot complaining about how that time they sprained an ankle walking down their driveway is way worse than anything else in this article. Please, just accept this and let me move on to less depressing things.

2. Getting A Show/Movie You’re Excited About Spoiled For You


This is less depressing and more infuriating. Sure, you may have failed that Econ midterm, but you can always get your grade up by May. Once somebody ruins the end of that show that you just bought HBO to watch, there’s no coming back from that. No matter how hard you’ll try to forget that spoiler, it’ll always be in the back of your mind. You’ll forever remember that in season 3 of Game of Thrones it’s revealed that King Joffrey is really Jon Snow and that it’s all just a dream of present day Peter Dinklage.

3. Whenever A Dog Dies In A Movie


Back to depressing. Okay, you may have a D in this chemistry class you need to pass in order to graduate on time, but do you know what’s worse? Flipping through channels and accidentally seeing a scene in a movie where the adorable and faithful canine sidekick weakly licks the tears off of the owner’s face before dying a tragic death in their arms.

4. Accidentally Talking To People Who Are Way Too Annoying About Politics


Walking out of a midterm knowing that you bombed it is a terrible feeling. Do you know what feels worse? That moment you figure out the person you’re talking to is going to hold you hostage until you agree with them on ridiculous issues you don’t care about. Don’t believe me? Try going up to a Bernie supporter and saying “Bernie Sanders? More like Bernie SanDUMB!” or going up to a Trump supporter and saying “facts.” You’ll be begging for another midterm you can fail.

5. Waving At Someone Who You Thought Waved At You (But Didn’t)


The most inspiring stories always start out with somebody failing or coming close to failing. If you have a D in March and end up with an A in May, you’ll have infinite bragging rights. However, when’s the last time you’ve ever seen anybody come back from waving at someone who wasn’t waving at them? The answer is never. I still wake up screaming some nights thinking about the time I did that. Society won’t judge you for failing a midterm, but they’ll sure as hell judge you for waving at somebody who was waving at somebody else.

6. Failing A Final


Oh yeah, these are gonna be here sooner than you think and you won’t be even kind of close to ready. Plus, final exams are the ones that actually matter. Failing a midterm is nothing. Failing a final is definitely what you should be freaking out about.


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