Yak Attack – 3/3/16

Some of you may remember a former segment on the Bulldog Blog, Ben Yaks Back, where a writer would respond to the popular app Yik Yak. Yik Yak (or Twitter for cowards) is an anonymous feed where people can say whatever they want, which can prompt some inappropriate, weird, and sometimes (mostly) downright stupid content. Yik Yak also uses location services on your phone, so the Yaks you see are guaranteed to be from people in your area. This is my response.

1. “can’t wait to be high on summertime”


Look, I know nothing I say will stop you for getting high on summertime. Just be safe, okay? Summertime’s not something you want to mess around with. I’ve had a few friends who get hooked on summertime and end up dropping out of school.

2. “WSU is poop”


Oho! Great burn!

3. “If Leo can win an Oscar you can pass that midterm”


Leo started acting in 1985. He’s been in more than 35 movies and TV shows and has been nominated for six Oscars and just won his first one. He’s put in a ton of work into his acting career and it finally paid off after 30 years, I don’t think you can compare his Oscar victory to that Spanish midterm you started studying yesterday for.

4. “there are some people who are not very smart”


And the majority of them are on Yik Yak.


*Author’s note: Typos in Yaks are left in so that you understand what we’re dealing with.


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