Stairway Conversations: Stairs

If there’s one thing that Hemmingson had going for it, it was the number of ways to get to the second floor. And, because of that, it gave me lots of great places to listen to people’s conversations. But, now, our options are severely limited and us college students are being forced to use elevators.


Date: March 15, 2016

Building: Hemmingson

Staircase: Hemmingson Rotunda (cause, you know, we can’t use the stairs in the Rotunda)



Person 1: *Looks around, confused.* “Where are the stairs?”

Person 2: “Over there.” *Points to the awkward staircase behind the drinking fountain.*


It was pretty abrupt, to be honest. One day we could use them, the next day they were covered with black curtains and blocked with planks of wood. The Rotunda stairs in Hemmingson were a vital pathway for Gonzaga students to get to the second floor of the building, but now students were being forced to find other ways to reach their second-floor destinations.


And, while students were trying to find other ways of getting to the second floor, some got distracted by the multi-colored checkered stickers that were scattered throughout the building. Some took it upon themselves to stand on the surveyor’s stickers to see if the ground was really “that weak.” Luckily, no one got hurt.

But even as students reached the other end of the building in hopes of using the stairs near the COG, they were greeted without sounds of chainsaws – which, in many ways, can be considered to give the equivalent message of a stop sign.


In any case, the choices students had to get to the second floor had become severely limited. Now, instead of simply walking up stairs, groups of students now accumulated at the entrances of the elevators. It can be a real struggle to wait for the elevators to get to you – but most students seem to be hanging on.


Now, a few days later, the stairs near the COG are open, and students no longer need to be afraid of running into any chainsaws and can, seemingly, safely use the stairs near the COG. But, the mysterious checkered stickers remain and the Rotunda stairs are still shrouded by black curtains and planks of wood with signs of Zag love.

Hopefully a return to normalcy is around the corner.


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