10 Things You Learn in a Relationship

The 10 Things You Learn in a Relationship

  1. Time management: When you were single, you were stuck in your ways. You knew when you were going to class, you know when you had work, and you knew when you had free time. Now that someone else is in the picture, you have to make more time in your schedule for them while also considering what their schedule is. You might have to finish your homework further ahead of time than you used to, but hey, it’s worth it for that special someone!gif01
  2. The importance of love languages: You may or may not have heard of the five love languages. These love languages include receiving gifts, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, and quality time. Someone’s love language helps you know many things including how to express your love to them as well as how to comfort them during difficult times. By knowing each of your love languages, your relationship with improve dramatically. Find out your love language here: http://www.5lovelanguages.com.gifs02
  3. What you want in future relationships: If the relationship doesn’t work out, you will have learned all of the aspects that you want and do not want in future relationships.gifs08.gif
  4. How to express your feelings: Your partner can’t always guess how you’re feeling. If something they did or said hurt your feelings, speak up! Bottling up your emotions will only damage your relationship in the long run. In the same way, don’t hold back when telling them how much you appreciate them! Your partner will always love hearing words of affirmation every now and then, even if you’ve been together for a long time! gifs03
  5. Compromise: Relationships are a lot about compromise. This can be something little like where you’re going to dinner this Friday or something big like what will happen between the two of you after graduation. It’s important to learn and be more open to what each other wants and what is for the best for the two of you.gifs05
  6. Trust: Trust is the most difficult thing to give and earn in a relationship. It might take some time, but in time you will feel that you can trust this person and they can trust you. Despite your experiences in the past, the right person will be truthful and honest with you.gifs07.gif
  7. How to balance time with one another and time apart: You’ll be so in love that you won’t want to leave each other’s side! In a long distance relationship, you might be apart a lot, but if you live in the same place, you might struggle with leaving their side. Being in a good relationship is awesome but always remember to make time for friends, studying, and other obligations you have. gifs11.gif
  8. Dealing with jealousy: In your relationship, you might be surprised to find that you can be a little jealous. Although jealousy is natural, don’t let it take over! In a good relationship where you both trust each other, you have nothing to worry about. Remember, your partner only has eyes for you!gifs06.gif
  9. More about yourself: If your significant other is a lot like you, they are like a reflection of yourself and you learn more about yourself that you wouldn’t have realized on your own. If you and your significant other are very different, then some of the disagreements you get into will teach you a lot about yourself and how you handle difficult situations.  gifs09.gif
  10. Encouragement to grow: A good relationship consists of mutual encouragement for each partner to grow and do the things they love. Of course, this doesn’t apply to absolutely everything, but you should always support your partner with what they want to pursue. If your partner wants to try a new hobby or career path, support them! If you want your partner to stay exactly the same as when you met them, your relationship is going to be pretty boring.gifs10.gif

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  1. Very insightful!!! And wisdom laden!!!


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