8 Tips to Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship

Let’s be honest, long-distance relationships are never easy, but there are ways to make them easier. Here are some tips I’ve come to learn.

  1. Skype dates: If you have to go a long time without seeing your significant other, FaceTime or Skype dates are crucial. You can get creative and make dinner “together” over the video call too! It’ll feel more like a real date that way.ld5

2. Send them care packages: Who doesn’t love getting a care package? Send them a box full of their favorite candy and a nice letter that reminds them how much you’re always thinking of them.

3. Talk a lot: Communication is key. Whether it’s a couple texts throughout the day, a phone call before bed, or romantic letters back and forth, staying in touch is important. Since the time you get to talk is cut shorter with long distance relationships, plan out what you want to tell them and make sure to really listen to what your partner has to say too. A large time difference can be more difficult, but get creative: leave cute voicemails or messages for them to wake up to! ld2

4. …but not too much: If you must talk on the phone every day, keep it to under an hour. It’s important to catch up and stay informed with what’s going on in one another’s lives, but it’s also important to not let it take over your life in the moment.ld1

5. Be creative with how you communicate: Who decided writing letters went out of style? Try it out! Everyone loves getting mail. And if your loved one is not in the same country as you, I recommend using Viber or Whatsapp. They are great apps for messaging with no additional cost! You’ll save money and you can still talk as much as you want!

6. Watch a Netflix series together: Keep up on the same Netflix series together! Watch the same episodes at the same time and then call each other afterward to discuss it. It’s super fun, it gives you something to talk about, and you’re probably going to be watching Netflix anyway! Since this is something you would normally do together, it’ll distract you from the distance too.ld3

7. Always have something to look forward to together: The days will go by much quicker if you have something to look forward to together. Whether it’s going home for winter vacation or a trip you’ve been planning to take together, mark it on your calendar and watch the days until you reunite get smaller and smaller!

8. Keep the green monster at bay: One of the most difficult aspects of a long distance relationship is not knowing what your significant other is doing 24/7. Your partner will be meeting a lot of new people and trust will be key. Just remember that you chose to stay together despite the distance, and that says a lot.

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