Stairway Conversations: The Weather

Ah, spring. The sun is out – and so is everyone else.


Date: March 29, 2016

Building: Hemmingson

Staircase: Hemmingson Rotunda



Person 1: “It’s so nice out.”


Yes – I would agree that it is nice out. Especially considering that we just had a long, long patch of grey and even some random snow. But, not everything about this weather is nice.

Well, actually, let me rephrase that. The sun, the temperature and the breeze are all wonderful – but the side effects of them are, well, less wonderful.


So, at Gonzaga, our undergraduate student body is around 4,800 people. Well, for most of the year – when the sky is plagued with clouds and rain – it seems like maybe 1000 people go here. But, the second – and I mean the very second – the sun comes out and it goes above 50 degrees, it seems like out student population increases by about 5,000.

All of the sudden, there are people on every quad and balls flying in every direction.

And, in all honesty, it’s pretty cool seeing Gonzaga’s outdoor spaces as the perfect photo-shoot opportunity for the picturesque college brochure. But, at times, it can seem slightly overbearing.


For me, to an extent, it can be overwhelming – especially after seeing someone get hit in the head by a rogue ball just the other day. (Or my lack of ability when it comes to throwing a Frisbee.)

It’s an interesting dichotomy when you think about it, though. In the months of gloom, there is a group of people that likes to be outside – and it’s not that big. And, by process of elimination, that would mean most other people are, well, inside. But, then in the months of the sun, there is another group that is outside (the much, much bigger group) – and suddenly there are very few people inside.


The interesting part is that the people that enjoy being outside in the sun, seemingly don’t when it’s cloudy. Then again, this just may be me and my impression.


So, whether you’re doing this:


Or this:


You just do you.


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