Completely appropriate responses to being asked on a date

Completely appropriate responses to being asked on a date

Tips to saying yes: 

  1. If this is someone you have been interested in for a long time, try not to freak out! Remain calm, cool and collected.tips1.gif
  2. Only say yes if you really mean it. Don’t leave them wondering what you meant by answering, “sure,” or “maybe.” It took them a lot of confidence to approach you and ask you on a date and the least you could do is be straightforward. tips5.gif

Tips to saying no:

  1. The first step to saying no is realizing that saying no is okay. Don’t say yes just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. It’ll do them a favor in the long run if you are honest now. You are not obligated to go on a date with this person, hence them asking you.tips4
  2. If you are really just not interested, there’s no point in leading them on. Just tell them, “I’m sorry, but I’m just not interested.” Keep it simple, nice, and remember that there is no need for an excuse and you don’t owe them an explanation.tips3.gif
  3. If you’re already seeing someone, tell them by saying, “I’m actually seeing someone, but I’m flattered that you asked.” *Note to only say this if you really are seeing someone. There’s no point in lying to the person asking you on the date. They could find out that you were lying and you could end up hurting their feelings more than necessary.
  4. All joking aside, make sure to be as kind as possible and tell them you really appreciate the gesture. Thank them for asking you.tips7

Good luck! 


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