The 9 Gonzaga Couples We All Know

The 9 Gonzaga Couples We All Know

  1. The couple who already has St. Al’s booked: You know this couple. They met during orientation freshmen year and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Everyone is rooting for this couple and is expecting a wedding invitation soon after graduation.9gifs11.gif
  2. The couple who started dating over summer: This couple was a big surprise. No one even knew they were acquainted and then they came back to school in the fall and were dating!9gifs10.gif
  3. The high school sweethearts: This couple started dating sometime during their high school career and decided to go to the same college so that they wouldn’t have to be apart.9gifs6.gif
  4. The athletic couple: You see this couple jogging around campus and on the centennial trail at least weekly. They’re always at the gym running together and/or lifting weights. 9gifs9.gif
  5. The party animals: You can catch this couple at a party in the Logan neighborhood any given weekend. They love to have fun, dance, and they are always the ones singing the loudest to Sweet Caroline.9gifs5.gif
  6. The freshmen couple who will last a month at most: We all know this couple (and a lot of us have probably been this couple). They were put in the same orientation group and immediately clicked. Unfortunately, they had only known each other for a day when they first began dating and soon after realized they really weren’t compatible at all. Shocker, right?9gifs3.gif
  7. The long-distance couple: We all have that one friend who is dating someone who is studying abroad or going to another school across the country. They are easy to spot because they can be seen facetiming and texting a lot. 9gifs7.gif
  8. The studious couple: This couple is the master of balancing a relationship and schoolwork. You can find this couple in the library on most school nights.9gifs4.gif
  9. The couple who isn’t officially dating but might as well be: This “couple” are the two really good friends who insist that they are just friends but everyone knows they have stronger feelings for one another. We all know this couple…please just date already!9gifs8

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