Expectations Vs. Reality Of Post Grad Life

As the life of a post-grad nears, I’ve come to realize that a few things aren’t what I expected them to be. From talking to my fellow seniors, it seems as though I’m not the only one that has gotten the rug pulled out from under me. Here are five of the most common examples of expectations and reality not matching up.

  1. Graduating from college

Now that you’re graduating from college and maybe have a job, you’re thinking, “Sweet! I’m making money and I only have to support myself.” But the reality is that most of your first adult check is going to go to bills and paying off your student loans.

2. Getting a job because you have a degree now

Congratulations! You’re getting a degree! Everyone told you that it would be easier to find a job once you have a degree. But the reality is that there’s only two weeks until graduation and you either landed an internship or are still looking for a job. Don’t worry though, your time will come. Just like Ryan’s time came!

3. Leaving College

At the beginning of the semester, you were thinking (hoping) that the feeling of graduating college would be similar to the feeling of graduating high school. As high school graduation got closer, you were so ready to peace out. But the reality is that towards the end of the semester of your Senior year in college, you realize that you have to actually be an adult after graduating college. Whereas graduating from high school meant you got the freedom of being and adult without all of the responsibilities of being an adult. As a college student, you’re thinking “please don’t make me leave!” Luckily, if you’re hesitant to leave college, it’s probably a sign of having amazing memories while in college.

4. When you say that you’re ready for the transition from college to adult life

You expect for the transition to be a breeze. After all, you’ve spent your whole life preparing for this moment. But the reality is, during this transition year, you’ll run into times where you’ll stumble and fall. Don’t worry though! It’s all a part of the process. You’ll eventually get land on your feet and find your grounding. The puppy did.

5. When you become an adult

Growing up, you thought that adults had all of the answers (probably because they work hard to make it seem like the do). So, as a kid, you’d think that once you became an adult, you’d know all of the answers too. But the reality is that as an adult, you just learn how to make do with what life throws your way. It’ll be confusing sometimes, but you’ll get through it.


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