Stairway Conversations: Dining Dollars

As the year and semester come to an end, Gonzaga students are trying to figure out what to do with their leftover money. Some (like me) haven’t had any dining dollars for a month, and others are just rolling in it. I may or may not be slightly jealous of those rolling in it.


Date: April 20, 2016

Building: Hemmingson

Staircase: Hemmingson Rotunda



Person 1: “I have $165 left over – what am I supposed to do with that?”


I’m not sure if anyone read that with a tone, but there was definitely a bit of sass in there.


Honestly, I can’t even imagine having that much money leftover. That is so many cups of coffee, so many food items from the Marketplace and so many bagels from Einstein’s.

I figured that, for those out there with boatloads of dining dollars laying round, I would do a breakdown of some of the things people could still purchase (with $150). Approximately, of course.


Starbucks (Grande vanilla latte): 37

Starbucks (breakfast sandwich): 32

Einstein’s (Bagel with cream cheese): 60

Marketplace (granola bar): 82

Marketplace (Ben & Jerry’s): 19

SubCo (sandwich): 17

Cookie night cookies: 30 (assuming you bought lots and lots of cookies next week)


Just look at that – there are so many things to buy in so little time. There are about 14 days left in the year and for those lucky people out there with $150 left over, you could be eating Ben & Jerry’s every single day. Or two cups of coffee a day. Or a SubCo sandwich everyday for lunch. There are so many options!

There is also another option. You could take me out to any of these places and buy me any of these things. Or, I guess, any of your other friends. Whomever you buy food for, though, I’m sure they’ll be eternally grateful for your sharing. Enjoy your food-filled end of the years, everyone!


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