8 Ways Graduates Can Cope With Gonzaga Withdrawals

Congratulations! You’ve graduated from Gonzaga and you’re full of hope and potential and all those nice things the commencement speakers said at your ceremony. You’re on such a high from the festivities that you haven’t even thought about the crippling debt you’re in or the crushing responsibilities that come after college. You’re ready to take on the real world!

It’s now a couple months later and it turns out you were absolutely not ready for the real world. Scrolling through Facebook, you stumble upon a picture of Gonzaga’s campus posted by that artsy friend you have that still goes there. You’re suddenly overcome with a sense of nostalgia, sadness, and a desire to be a freshman again.

As any medical professional would tell you, you’re going through “Gonzaga withdrawals.” Fortunately, this withdrawal is very treatable. Here are some things you can do when you find yourself missing Gonzaga.

1. Hastily Tape Two White Crosses To The Roof Of Your Apartment


The most famous building on Gonzaga’s campus is St. Al’s. Its iconic two spires are on every piece of literature the university sends out. When you’re wandering around the Logan neighborhood at 3 AM, it can be extremely comforting to look up and see those white crosses lit up to help you find your way home.

To help ease the pain of missing GU, all you have to do is put two white crosses on top of your apartment roof. Duct tape some flashlights to them and boom: it’s like you never left Spokane.

2. Go To Your Local College Campus And Hold Doors Open For People


A major part of being a Zag is holding the door for other people. In the real world, you’ll find that the amount of door holding decreases by roughly 1000%. That shouldn’t stop you from going to whatever college is closest to you and holding the door open for students!

3. Name Every Dog You See “Spike”


Missing our beloved mascot? Call every dog you see Spike and it’ll be like he’s with you everywhere you go! It doesn’t matter whether they’re bulldogs, chihuahuas, or puggles – naming every dog you pass on the street “Spike” is a surefire way to help you forget about Gonzaga.

4. Lock Yourself In Your Room And Do The “Zombie Nation” Dance For Hours On End


Nothing built school spirit at Gonzaga like basketball games, and the most memorable part of the games was the synchronized dance the students did before tipoff. If you’re feeling down, just lock yourself in your room and do the “Zombie Nation” dance for hours on end! After five or six hours of intense jumping and swaying, it’ll be hard to remember why you were sad in the first place.

5. Stand In Lines


In college, you would wait hours to get good seats at the basketball games. Students would line up at 6:30 AM for an 8:00 PM game. Recreate that feeling by going to a local DMV, an amusement park, or the premier of a major movie. You don’t even have to do whatever activity you were waiting for!

6. Pay Your Coworkers To Wear Yellow Cardigans And Striped Rugby Shirts On Wednesday


Every Wednesday, the Knights and Setons would wear their respective outfits around campus. In corporate America, the number of rugby shirts and bright cardigans worn decreases significantly. Hire your coworkers to dress up in these distinctive uniforms once a week and it’ll be a trip down memory lane each week.

7. Go To A Bakery And Refuse To Pay Them More Than $5.00 For Twelve Cookies


Cookie night at SubCo used to be the one thing that made Wednesdays not suck. For $5.00, you would get a dozen cookies and two cartons of milk. Recreate that feeling by going to whatever bakery is closest and refusing to pay more than $5.00 for twelve cookies! After they finally give in to your demands so that you’ll leave, make them give you two cartons of milk as well. What a great way to bring a Gonzaga tradition to your post-graduate life!

8. Grab A Beer With Fellow Zags And Reflect On Four Of The Best Years Of Your Life


Chances are pretty high that you’re going to be in contact with a couple of your friends from Gonzaga after you graduate. You may even be married to a Zag. One of the best ways to cope with missing Gonzaga is as simple as getting those friends together for a beer and reminiscing about your time at GU.

Let’s be real here: you’re never going to not miss Gonzaga. The time that you spent there was full of incredible opportunities, lifelong friendships, and experiences that shaped who you are now. So grab a pint at an Irish bar, pretend you’re at Jack and Dan’s, and be grateful that you’ll always be a Zag.


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