How Zootopia & the Chinese Bamboo Story perfectly describe the transition from undergrad to postgrad

Have you ever put a lot of time and energy into something and saw either no results or barely any? As a senior, you’re balancing all or some kind of combination of work, school, homework, job searching, finding a new place to live, your limiting budget, and trying to enjoy being a college student. I’ve certainly talked to a good number of seniors who still don’t have postgrad plans set in stone. Maybe they’ve got a new city in mind, but no job lined up. Or maybe they’ve got a job lined up, but no apartment to move to. The point is I haven’t talked to anyone who has everything figured out in terms of what is going to happen after May 8th. With the balancing act of a million things combined with the constant reminder of the how time is quickly escaping us, I thought to share the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree.

Alright, so one day a man was given seeds to plant a Chinese Bamboo Tree. He planted the seed and began to care for it. He gave it water, fertile soil, sunshine, and room to grow for an entire year. At the end of this first year, there was no sign of growth. Maybe the seeds weren’t good? He wasn’t sure, but he continued to care for it. He cared for it for the three years after and still saw nothing. However, in the first six weeks of the fifth year, the bamboo tree grew to be 80 feet tall.

So the question is, was the plant dormant for four years or did it take four years for it to grow the roots that would support its quick growth?


One way I like to think of this story is inspired by the sloth scene from Zootopia. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, let me help you out. The main character, a bunny, wants to be a police officer. Since she’s “just a bunny” people don’t believe she has what it takes to be a police officer. She goes to school and graduates top of her class.


After graduation she can’t wait to get started as a police officer. excited.gif

But she never gets to do any detective work because no one thinks she’s qualified. She gets assigned to parking duty.


She nuzzles her way into  detective work, but she must risk her job and only has 48 hours to crack the case. A key piece of information lies in the hands of a sloth.


Since we know she is on a time crunch, even as the audience member you’re like…frustration.gif

But, she eventually get’s the information she needs and before her time is up, solves the case.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 2.03.39 PM

Right now, I think some of us are in middle of the first four years of the bamboo tree development stage. In other words, life is like…

And we’re all like…


Because all we want is to be chasing after our dreams like…


And I’m here to tell you that, like the man in the bamboo tree story who continued to put effort into caring for the tree, we will eventually see all of the efforts we put in to our post grad lives. So keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing fine & it’ll all come together.



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