Dealing with rejection as told by Ross Geller

If you’ve experienced rejection recently (whether it’s with a break up or a relationship that was just beginning to blossom), I know what you’re thinking…


Don’t lose hope. There are some steps you can take in order to take time for yourself and make the changes necessary to feel comfortable getting out there again!


Step 1. Have an appropriate grieving period


You need to take the time to feel upset and feel your emotions and there’s no shame in it. If you had plans to go out with friends, for example, don’t feel obligated to go out. Take time for yourself, stay home, and watch a movie with your favorite snacks. Eventually, you’ll ease in to spending time with friends more and more to get back to normal. Just remember to not let this grieving period drag on for too long.



Step 2. Find a trusted individual that you can talk to 


Although it’s important to take some time for yourself, it’s not good to keep your feelings completely bottled in either. Talking to someone about how you feel and what you’ve been going through will make you feel better and help you realize that you are not alone.




Step 3. Do something to take your mind off of thingsross6

It’s easy to find yourself spending a lot of time thinking about the other person. Instead, use this time to find a new hobby or get in shape! Get in touch with nature or your creative side. You’ll find yourself feeling better sooner than you think by putting yourself and your own needs first.


Step 4. Avoid unnecessary contact, but don’t be shallow eitherross1

Resist the temptation to go onto their Facebook or Instagram. Fixating on how the other person is doing will not help you feel better. If you happen to run into them on campus or somewhere else, don’t full on ignore them either. Start simple by saying hello as you pass them.


Step 5. Pretty soon, you’ll be back to being yourselfross8

By following these steps, taking time for yourself, and surrounding yourself with the people who care about you, you’ll be back to being yourself. Just remember that this process takes a different amount of time for everyone and you need to do what’s best for you.





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