The 5 Best Types Of Professors You’ll Have At Gonzaga

A new year at Gonzaga means fresh clickbait churned out by your favorite Gonzaga-themed BuzzFeed rip-off blogger, and this article’s more clickbait-y than ever.

That’s right, today we’re going to take a long, hard look at the five types of professors at Gonzaga that tend to end up as our favorites. Although almost every professor at Gonzaga is fantastic (way better than Rival College’s professors, am I right?), here are a few personality types that really stand out.

1. The Adorable One


This is the professor that works their way into your brain and your heart. Maybe he’s a Jesuit who is secretly the most badass person you’ve ever met. Maybe she has just enough of an accent to make everything she says adorable. They’re the professor who will always greet you by name when they see you on campus. Who cares if they called you “Joe” and not “Jacob,” you don’t have the heart to correct them.

If you had to guess her age, you’d probably say she’s roughly 9,000 years old. On your birthday, she brought you homemade cookies. On her birthday, she still brought you homemade cookies. In any case, you’re determined to get an A in their class since you’re too scared to disappoint them.

 2. The Super Chill One

You’ve had more classes outside than you have indoors. You’ve skipped their class to go to the bars and you’re still 80% sure you saw them at the same bar. This is the professor that knows their class is just a core class that students are forced to take, so they have some fun with it.

They made it pretty clear during syllabus week that it would be hard to not get an A in their class. They’re also the professor that high-fived you after you giggled when they said “69” in class. Sure, you sometimes feel like their class is a waste of time, but their laid-back personality still makes them one of your favorites.

3. The Enthusiast


You love this class simply because your professor loves the class so much. Most peoples’ passions include sports, traveling, or cooking or something like that; this professor’s passion seems to be microeconomics. In fact, you’re 75% sure you saw lipstick stains on their poster of John Maynard Keynes, which is gross, but you’re glad they have passions.

Their enthusiasm, much like the common cold at GU in the winter, infectious. At first, you just paid attention to the professor because they had so much love for their subject, but now you’re starting to actually enjoy the class. The Enthusiast can also sometimes double as The Adorable One.

4. The Pushover


This kindhearted professor had no idea what they were in for when the signed up to teach your 100-level biology class. Nobody wants to be there, but this professor just does not seem to get that fact. This is the professor that once let your class out thirty minutes early because some kids convinced her that it was Second Memorial Day.

The Pushover’s heart is always in the right place, but she just can’t control her class. You love her class, although you still don’t know much about biology (besides the mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell, if course).

5. The “Captain, My Captain”


Every now and then, a professor comes in with the perfect blend of charisma, knowledge, and dignity that gets the entire class inspired to learn. Although it’s rare, this is the professor that you’ll remember for years after you graduate.

This professor makes you want to do well not only to get an A in the class, but also so that you become a better student and a better person. You would go to war for this professor (although not like a real war since that’s ridiculous. Maybe like a paintball match or something).

Although it’s worth noting that even the worst professors at Gonzaga are still pretty great. Here’s to another year in the greatest* city in the world.

*Note: Yes, I’m referring to Spokane. Why are you looking at me like that?

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