Autumn Spokane date spots that will really make you fall for one another

I sure hope the following Spokane date spots help you and your date fall for one another.

Green Bluff

Green Bluff is the perfect place to go explore, shop, have lunch and pick fruit! When you’re there, don’t forget to try the delicious pumpkin donuts! As it gets closer to October, there’ll be more and more pumpkins too. What’s cuter than picking out the perfect pumpkin together? Nothing, okay? Nothing.

Hiking spots

Hiking is a great and (usually) free way to get outdoors with your date. Bowl and Pitcher (bottom) is always a great hike if you want an easy-going hike with a great view. Riverside State Park Loop (right middle), Iller Creek (top left), and Liberty Lake (top right) are also fairly close and are beautiful hikes to name a few more!



Don’t want to stay outside during the cold autumn nights? Take your date to Wonderland! It has everything from black light miniature golf to laser tag to arcade games. If it’s a nice day outside, there are go carts, bumper boats, rock climbing and more. It’s pretty inexpensive too!

Walking along the centennial trail


The centennial trail is always a beautiful walk and it gets even prettier when the autumn leaves start to appear! Walk along the river, have great conversation, and don’t spend a dime while doing it.

Escape room


If you and your date both like scary things, try going to the new “Escape!” in Spokane right on Division. You and your date will be trapped in a room together and have to figure out how to escape in a certain amount of time through clues hidden in the room. (Nothing actually happens if you don’t escape on time so you have nothing to worry about.)

Theater in the community

If you and your date like theatre, Spokane has a lot to offer! To name a couple, the Modern Theater and the Civic Theater both put on amazing productions nearly every weekend. Both theaters are in walking distance too! Check out their websites for more information. Also be sure to check out the upcoming productions this season at Gonzaga!

Chaps coffee company


Sometimes all we want to do is sit down in a nice coffee shop with a warm drink, food, and good company. Chaps coffee company is in Cheney and serves coffee as well as amazing breakfast. It’s adorable too, by the way.


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