5 Signs That It’s Fall At Gonzaga


The leaves are getting crunchier, gifs of dancing skeletons are beginning to make their way onto your newsfeed, and you’re pretty sure somebody offered you a shot of pumpkin-spiced vodka the other night. That’s right, Zags: it’s officially fall again.

Fall is one of those seasons that you either don’t mind or you get REALLY into. But how do you know when it’s truly fall? How will you know when it’s acceptable to carve scary faces in produce without people calling the police? The elitist Gregorian calendar will try to tell you that fall 2016 was Thursday, September 22, but why should you listen to “science?” If you really want to know how to tell when it’s fall, read this article. Or not, I’m not your mother.

1. The Weather Starts To Get… Weirder


Here’s a riddle for you: It’s a gorgeous day in Spokane, so you decide to throw on a t-shirt and take a 10-minute walk around campus. When you get back to your dorm, you’re absolutely drenched and you’re sprinting inside to avoid the massive hailstorm. What happened?

Answer: Fall. Fall happened.

I know that this was a terrible riddle. Some would argue that’s not even a riddle. I’m trying my best, and that’s all that matters.

Although we’re not quite to the winter weather that will inevitably cause power outages, tsunami-esque rainstorms, and just enough snow to be annoying, you can always tell when it’s fall at Gonzaga when the weather begins to get weirder. 

2. The Amount Of Mini Pumpkins/Gourds On Campus Increases Roughly 839948.21%

In not-fall, you’ll see almost zero mini pumpkins or gourds on campus. I’m not saying there are none, but there aren’t many. From September to November, you’ll see these lil’ guys everywhere you look: at the COG, all over Welch, in Hemmingson. These mini veggies are the harbingers of autumnal weather. My advice as a business major? Buy as much stock in the mini vegetable market as you can right now.

3. Fall Fashion


As the weather gets colder, the clothes get warmer. Around October, you’ll see an increase of those big, white, loopy scarves around campus and you’ll know that we’ve changed seasons. I don’t know what the actual name for these scarves is, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

You’ll also see more Uggs and more sweaters than you did in the summer. You’ll also see more flannel. Like, a lot more flannel. Gonzaga loves its flannel. We look like a bunch of good-looking lumberjacks with big loopy scarves. I’m a huge fan.

4. You’ll Never Have To Guess When A Seahawks Game Is


For many people, fall is football season. At Gonzaga, whether or not you like them, Seahawks are the dominating team of choice. On Thursdays (or Sundays or Mondays) you’ll know whenever Seattle’s playing because the campus will be covered with blue and green, the COG will be absolutely empty during game time, and all of CM will be drunk (so there’s either a football game or it’s Friday. Or Saturday. Or Thursday).

5. The Gnats Are Back


The worst part about Gonzaga, arguably, is the amount of freaking gnats that swarm campus whenever the weather hits that golden point between too hot and too cold, AKA fall. Get ready for a season of tiny flying menaces in your hair, mouth, and eyes. At least we can finally wear big sweaters, right?

(Yes, I know that they’re actually blue wooly aphids, but that’s not as catchy as “Gnats”).


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