What your coffee order can tell you about your ideal relationship

What’s your usual order when you go to a coffee shop? Find yours below and see what it tells you about your ideal relationship.



Just like your coffee, you like your relationship to be simple, warm, and always there for you when you need it. Much like your ideal relationship, you like how it’s affordable, it helps you out when you need it, and it’s familiar and comfortable.



You like a relationship that has a lot of possibility and spontaneity just like how you like to switch up the flavors in your latte. You like to go on adventures and try new things with your partner, but at the end of the day, you still like the familiarity and dependability of a good “latte.”



Just like your coffee order, you like your partner to be sweet and full of surprises just like that extra bit of chocolate in the bottom of your mocha!


Chai Tea

Made with black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla, you also like you and your significant other to be a mix of diverse flavors or qualities that somehow make sense when they blend together.


Drip coffee

You like your coffee, and your signifiant other, to be readily available when you need it. You like a more simplistic, no-drama relationship that you can always depend on and is understanding…even when you’re running late.



Made with half and half instead of milk, you also like your relationship to have a little extra umph that keeps you on your toes. Available with any flavor, you and your ideal partner are also unique but still manage to balance each other.


Hot chocolate

Made without coffee, you also like your relationship to be sweet and simple. You don’t need anything extra (like coffee) to liven up your relationship- just like milk and chocolate, all you need is each other!


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