7 reasons why you should date a Zag

  1. They are reliable. With a strict attendance policy in class, Zags are used to being where they are supposed to be (and on time!). A Zag will even join and commit to WAY too many clubs and still manage to show up to all of the meetings and events! This type of person also makes a great partner in a relationship because you know that you can always count on them, even when you both get busy. 10685553_995833537099020_971368142113391313_n

  2. They are spirited. With lots of experience in jumping up and down and screaming at the top of their lungs for 2 hours straight at sporting events, Zags will be your number one fan in your relationship! Don’t be surprised if they dress up in a ton of spirit clothing just to come support you in a daily activity. tent2.jpg

  3. They are supportive. With a lot of experience in attending sporting events, a Zag is used to being a diehard support system. Even if you fail, your Zag would still camp out for 48 hours in the freezing cold (metaphorically speaking, of course) just to support you all over again!


  4. They’ll be able to handle all of your moods. Since Gonzaga is located in Spokane, Washington, Zags are used to bipolar weather. With pouring down rain one day and sunny skies the next, your Zag won’t even bat an eye when you want to argue one day and cuddle the next. tent 3.png

  5. They are philanthropic. With so many CCASL programs, Gonzaga students are very involved in their community and helping others. In fact, Gonzaga University is number one in the nation for Peace Corps involvement. In other words, Zags are just good people who like to help. What’s more attractive than someone who is passionate about serving others?tent7.jpg

  6. They are serious when they need to be. Relationships aren’t always fun and games. Zags know how to let loose and have fun but they also are serious about their schoolwork. This can be mirrored in a relationship by demonstrating a good balance of fun but serious when they need to be. tent5.jpg

  7. They go on to do great things. Some memorable Zags who have gone on to do great things are Bing Crosby, and some alumni have gone on to be jesuit priests, in the olympics, attorney generals, or a player in the MLB, the NFL and the NBA. Our favorite famous Zag alumni though has to be Dr. Thayne MCculloh, current president of the university. Score your Zag boyfriend or girlfriend now…before they become famous.tent4



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