The 5 Types of Dads at Fall Family Weekend

Tis the season for bad jokes and even worse sports analogies, this is how we know: The dads are coming.

Every Fall Family Weekend, parents flock to campus from all over the country, bringing along some of our favorite characters. Dads come in all shapes and sizes but here are some types of dads that I’m sure you’ll spot while walking around campus this weekend.

1. The “Glory Day’s” Dad

We all know a version of this dad. If you haven’t already heard about how good he was at football “back in the day” or about how he single-handedly won the basketball team a championship trophy, he will be sure to let you know once or twice… or forty times.

Welcome back to campus, Dad.


2. The “All Gonzaga Everything” Dad

I’m pretty sure that since his kid started attending GU, this dad has replaced every polo and T-shirt he owned with the ever fashionable Gonzaga apparel.

Gonzaga tie? He’s got it.

Bulldog pajamas? Check.

Full-on Gonzaga jumpsuit? Yup, he’s wearing it right now.


3. The “I’d Rather be Watching Football” Dad

When parents visit, it’s the perfect time to explore Spokane, tour the campus, and go to restaurants that reach beyond your budget of $8 Chipotle runs. However, there are the dad’s that could care less about Kraziness in the Kennel because his favorite team is down by 7 in the 4th quarter.

Jokes on you, Dad, I don’t have cable at my house! #SorryNotSorry


4. The “Academic” Dad

This dad WILL be at the all the parent events and you can bet he is going to find every single one of your professors to find out just how many classes you have skipped. In case you aren’t already stressed out by the idea of post-grad life, he will constantly pester you about your future career plans.

We get it, Dad. You’re over paying for school… but just remember who’s going to pay for your retirement home.


5. The “Cooler Than You” Dad

This dad exudes college. You know this is your dad when your friends are way more excited to hang out with him, than they are to spend time with you. This is the dad that will show up to any party and immediately be the life of it.

Keep doing you, Dad. We’ll see you at Jack and Dans!


No matter what kind of dad yours is, take the time this weekend to let your dad know that he is one awesome father!

*Also, a very Happy Birthday to my own dad who turns 60 this Saturday! Love you Pops!

By: Taryn Brandel


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