14 Diverse Restaurants You Must Experience in Spokane

Constantly stressing about where to take your family and friends for meals when they visit? Stress no more! Below you will find 14 of the best, most unique restaurants of Spokane including many different kinds of cuisines!

  1. Frank’s Diner

    r2Located inside a repurposed train car, Frank’s Diner is a unique dining experience and has been since it opened in 1906. Although it is open all day, there’s nothing better than going to Frank’s Diner for brunch.

  2. Sushi.com

    r3Located downtown, Sushi.com serves meals ranging from delicious sushi rolls and nigiri to teriyaki and tempura, all beautifully presented. Sushi.com has been the recipient of many local awards for best sushi restaurant in Spokane.

  3. Steam Plant

    The Steam Plant used to operate for 70 years as a steam plant but shut down in 1986. It was renovated and repurposed and became what it is now: a unique and fun dining experience! The Steam Plant building not only holds the restaurant, but there are many retail shops and a brewery as well!

  4. Satellite Diner & Lounge

    r6Located right on Sprague downtown with a cozy and casual atmosphere, the Satellite Diner is a great place to meet a friend, enjoy classic diner food and cheer on your Zags. They’re open all hours of the day so you can enjoy breakfast or dinner or both!

  5. Bangkok Thai

    r7If you’re obsessed with Thai food like I am, Bangkok Thai is a restaurant that you have to try. They have a great atmosphere and of course, delicious food! They share a space with No-Li too, so go grab a beer and then head across the hallway for your pad thai!

  6. Kim’s Korean Restaurant

    r8Kim’s Korean Restaurant shares a parking lot with the Dutch Bros on Division, so it has a great location just walking distance from anywhere on campus. Kim’s is great if you like an intimate experience with authentic Korean food (Plus, Kim is super nice!)!

  7. Saranac Public House

    saranac-public-houseSaranac is open all hours of the day, serving coffee in the morning and beer by night. Saranac Public House has everything you want from burgers to salads to mac & cheese! They have a great philosophy too: all of their carry out products are made of compostable and recycled materials.

  8. Nudo Ramen House

    r10Nudo is unlike any restaurant you’ve experienced before. Home of their famous Ramen Burger (Yes, it’s meat in between two patties made of ramen noodles), Nudo brings a cool Japanese atmosphere to go with the inventive and flavorful food.

  9. Pho Van

    r11If you like a good bowl of Pho, Pho Van is the place for you. It’s an affordable, stand alone restaurant located on Division. Pho Van has been open since 1992 and the Van family is passionate about serving delicious, authentic Vietnamese food. It’s great for a winter day (or any day, let’s be honest).

  10. Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle

    r12Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle is a fun dining experience with a unique history. Mary Lou’s is a fun place to take all of your friends for a burger and their homemade milk shakes or ice cream afterwards.

  11. Madeleine’s Cafe & Patisserie

    r13Madeleine’s may have moved locations, but their adorable atmosphere and delicious French baked goods have not changed. They’re located on Main and open from just 8:00 AM-5:00 PM most days (later on the weekends). With a line out the door almost always, Madeleine’s is loved by all.

  12. The Onion Bar & Grill

    r14The Onion is a fun, casual dining experience offering anything from burgers, salads, sandwiches, and more. The Onion now has two locations- one on West Riverside and one on Division! If you’re of legal drinking age, The Onion is a great place to go and try from their selection of 51 beers on tap.

  13. South Perry Pizza

    r16What would this blog be without an artisan pizza restaurant? Located on South Perry (It’s a big surprise, I know), South Perry Pizza is the place to go for all of the pizza lovers out there. On days with nice weather, they open the garage-like doors for a nice and open atmosphere.

  14. Chaps Coffee Co

    r1If you haven’t been to Chaps yet, hop in your car now and head on over. It is a bit of a drive but it’s worth it for it’s home-y feel and delicious choices! Most popular for their weekend brunch, Chaps offers homemade pastries, coffee, and large portioned meals! In other words, you won’t be disappointed.

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