9 great date spots on Gonzaga’s campus

Are you always wanting to take that special someone out but don’t know where to go? Don’t have a car to drive them? Take your date on a date…right here at home! Listed below are some great spots and events on campus that make for a great date- and most of them are free!


Movie showings in the Hemmingson Auditorium

Did you know that the Hemmingson auditorium shows free movies every Friday and Saturday night? Take your date right across campus to watch a movie in a theater- and for free! The movie poster of what is showing next is usually posted in the Hemmingson rotunda.


A picnic at the Gazebo

There’s a gazebo down by the river behind Paccar and it’s adorable if I do say so myself. Surprise your date with a picnic or simply go sit and have a nice talk.

Go to cookie night together

Every Wednesday night, Sub Connection serves dozen of cookies and milk for an unbeatable price. What better way to spend time with someone than to eat cookies together?  The line is usually pretty long which can give you some time to talk your date up too!


A walk through campus

We are lucky to go to a school that has a beautiful campus at all times of the year. Take your date on a stroll. Go when you both have plenty of free time so you can really take it all in and have a nice chat along the way!

A meal at The Bulldog

The Bulldog has food. You are your date like food. You should go.



A coffee date at Starbucks

Especially for a first date, coffee dates are a perfect setting. There is no pressure because you’re in a public and busy area. Plus, you have no obligation to stay very long if it isn’t going well. And coffee is delicious, so…


Watch the sunset or sunrise on the roof of the Barc

There’s nothing better than watching the sunset or the sunrise with that special someone. The Barc is the building that the Zag Shop and the mailroom are located in. If you take the elevator all the way up, you’ll be on the roof of the parking garage. It’s an amazing spot where you can see the entire campus!


Go to Coffeehouse together

Coffeehouse is held in the Hemmingson Starbucks every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM. It’s a mini concert that usually features local artists or performers that are our very own peers! It’s a great date spot to sit back, relax, enjoy some great music and enjoy one another’s company.


Go hammocking in the trees in between Desmet and Welch

You may have already seen some people hammocking in the trees between Desmet and Welch. It’s a great way to relax, talk about life, or just lose track of time together.





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