7 coffee hacks a connoisseur must know

If you like coffee as much as I do, then you’ll love these life hacks for coffee.


  1. At most coffee places (including Starbucks), a venti or a large has the same amount of espresso shots as a grande or a medium. So, you may as well order a grande and save some money!coffee6
  2. Invest in your own coffee to-go mug and save some money. Most cafes offer discounts for bringing your own cup. If you’re an every day coffee drinker, a dime a day can go a long way.coffee8
  3. No steamer at home to make foam for your lattes? No problem! You can create your own foam by adding milk to a mason jar, shaking the milk so it coats the entire inside of the jar, removing the lid, and microwaving it for 40 seconds.coffee1.jpg
  4. Going camping and already dreading a weekend without coffee? Bring along a coffee filter and fresh-ground coffee. Put the grounds into a filter and tie it closed. Set it in hot water for a few minutes and it should be just as good as the coffee you make at home!coffee
  5. If you’re looking to lose weight, have a cup of coffee before hitting the gym! Coffee before a workout speeds up the fat burning process.coffee4.gif
  6. If you’re not a fan of the natural taste of black coffee, try adding cinnamon, cocoa powder, or vanilla extract instead of sugar or cream! Also, try adding salt which will (believe it or not) get rid of the bitter taste!c5
  7. Don’t know what to do with your leftover coffee? Pour it into your ice cube tray. Once they’re frozen, add coffee ice cubes to a cold glass of milk for what will taste close to an iced latte! Also, if you’re of drinking age, they’re delicious with Bailey’s!coffee2

You’re welcome.


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