10 Gifs Of Dogs Who Probably Didn’t Even Know We Had An Election

Whether or not your candidate won yesterday, you have to admit that this election cycle was one of the most bizarre, vile, and mean-spirited elections that our country has ever seen. At this point, many people are wondering what comes next. Some of you may be stressed, anxious, excited, or worried about the future.

In any case, I think we could all take five minutes out of our day and look at gifs of dogs, none of whom have been tainted by the poison of politics.

1. Here’s a pup who probably doesn’t even know what an electoral college is.


2. Think this lil’ guy is worried about his future? Think again! 


3. Now this is a swing state that I can actually get behind. 


4. If this guy RAN for president, that would be SUPER! Yeah, that’s two puns. Shut up. 


5. This dog seems like he may be up-to-date on human affairs, but he’s obviously too swamped with work to care about petty things like the elections.


6. Want a slice of pupperoni pizza? I hope that you’re so mad at me for that pun that you forgot about the elections for a second. 


7. I’m pretty sure this is a metaphor for something, but I’m far too lazy to figure it out. Just enjoy this dog. 


8. If this doggo can keep his composure and stay on top, so can our country. 


9. Pure. Free from post-election stress. Incredible. 

FLying Dog.gif

10. Keep on keeping on, America. 




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