Tips for interacting with friends (in a classy way) after the election

With the election having just passed, you may identify with one of the following gifs.

Now that the election is over, you might find it difficult to talk to friends who supported the opposite party that you did. Although it may be a hard pill to swallow, no election results should end a relationship of yours. Here are some tips for interacting with friends, with both opposing and similar views, after the election.

  1. Hear them out. If you really want to talk about the election with a friend who has different views than you, make sure to go into the discussion with an open mind. Instead of arguing, listen to what they’re saying, and if you have nothing good to say in reply, sometimes just a nod and a smile can be the best thing for you to do.elect4
  2. Avoid blocked listening. Stay away from interjecting or interrupting your friend with “but…” If your friend took the time to hear you out, then you need to be respectful and listen to what they have to say as well. elect6
  3. Know when to walk away. If what a friend of yours is saying is really getting to be too much for you, simply end the conversation early and change the subject or walk away. A lot of the time, you can’t change someone’s opinion, at least very easily, so the best you can do is let it be in order to avoid an argument with a good friend.elect11.gif
  4. If the above tips seem impossible, avoid talking about it overall. If you and a friend both have very strong opposing opinions, the best thing to do may be to just not talk about it, at least while it’s still fresh.elect10
  5. Seek a friend from the same party to talk to. Sometimes all we need is to just vent or celebrate, but with someone who has the same views as we do. Find a safe space and a friend who you know has the same views that you do! It will feel good to be able to talk about it in a comfortable and nonjudgemental environment.elect3

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