Micron Sales Solution Internship

Name of Student: Evanann Whitaker-Woodcock

Major: Entrepreneurship Minor: English

Year in School: Senior

Company: Micron

Job title: Sales Solutions Intern

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What ignited her interest in the company

Between her Junior and Senior year Evanann knew that she wanted to go home to Boise Idaho for her last summer prior to graduation. In the beginning of Spring Semester, Evanann began searching for jobs in Boise via Linkedin. She read the job description for the Mircon Sales Solutions Intern position, and although she didn’t meet all the requirements she decided to apply anyway. She applied to a few other companies and felt that she was least qualified to work for Micron. However, she received a call within two weeks of submitting her application, and scheduled an interview.


The interview process

Prior to receiving an offer for the position, Evanann went through two phone interviews. The first was a typical interview with a recruiter. He asked her some questions about her resume, and why she was a qualified applicant. Evanann said the first interviewer was very nice, but very brief when providing feedback. After her initial interview Evanann, had a second interview with a member of the sales department. She felt as if the second interviewer was simply trying to get to know her and determine if she is a good fit for the company, and the job itself. Within a couple of weeks Evanann was offered the position as a Sales Solutions Intern, in Boise Idaho.

What made Evanann a valid candidate?

Evanann explained that both of her interviews were impressed with her ability to communicate with them in such a personable manner. She also described that the interviewers associated a level of prestige amongst Gonzaga Students, and that they were thrilled to have her as an applicant. Being that Micron is a fortune 500 tech company, many of the employees are engineers who spend a majority of their time writing code and correcting operational errors. Evanann felt as if her diverse skill set, and entrepreneurial attitude stood out to the recruiters. In addition to her wide array of communication skills, Evannan has a creative writing background which made her an even more competitive candidate. Although she was offered the position as an intern, Evanann felt as if she had no real relevant experience.

Expectations of Sales Solutions Intern

Evanann worked as a member of the sales team along with other interns, and she felt as if she got great experience getting in front of people. However, the biggest project she worked on was documenting processes. Micron saw periods of vast growth over the past few years dues to mergers and acquisitions, and this became problematic because some processes were not being documented. This is where Evanann’s writing background was able to come in handy. Evanann went around to each different department head, and essentially documented all of the processes on all business activities. This allows Mircron to provide a structured procedure for any and all business activities. Evanann felt as if she learned the most from this project because it involved integration from several different departments.

Culture of company

Micron is an enormous company, so not everyone works together on everything. Essentially, culture at Micron can vary by department. Evanann felt that there were some serious improvements in the culture of the company throughout the duration of her internship. She explained how their human resources department invested in progressive employee wellness programs. Micron also tried to implement more color and creative space throughout the work space. Evanann explained that the intern program at Micron was rather large, and that she was amongst dozens of other interns. She also mentioned how they treat their interns as if they are regular full-time employees. Overall, Evanann described the culture of the company as very open. She described all of her supervisors as incredibly approachable, and always willing to help find a solution.

Most valuable experience

Evanann worked on a project to promote world wide sales. She felt as if her supervisors put a ton of trust in her, and allowed her to conduct the project however she wanted to. She felt this was incredibly valuable because of all of the people that she met, and because she got to express her creativity.

Closing remarks

Evanann would strongly reccommend applying for a Micron internship to anyone who is interested. She believes that the most valid candidates are engineers, entrepreneurs, and those with any sort of writing experience. She is more than happy that she applied for this position, and believes the lessons she learned at Micron are invaluable.



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