5 Reasons November Is Actually Pretty Great Gonzaga


November is that critical point in the semester where students are just about ready to give up on school/life, but they can’t quite yet because there’s enough time to still fail classes. Sure midterms are done with, but professors still seem to be piling on homework for some reason. On top of that, you’re starting to get homesick, which is weird because you’d usually do despicable things to be out of your hometown.

In any case, it’s easy to think of November as a particularly difficult month. You’re tired, you’re cold, and you’re still not entirely sure when your philosophy class is. That being said, November is actually pretty great when you really look at it!

 1. Colder Weather = Less Gnats

November is usually the month when the California kids start complaining about how cold they are and the Colorado kids start making fun of the California kids for being cold. Lows in Spokane in November tend to be around the mid-20s, while highs can reach 50 – 60.

Sure, you may be cold. But do you know what else that means? Those annoying blue wooly aphids on campus disappear for a bit. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a major win.

2. Winter Fashion


Look, I know exactly 0% about fashion. I don’t know what looks good, and I certainly can’t name more than three brands of clothing (Levis, the one with the horse, and… Nike?), so when I say fashion, I’m not talking about appearance. One of the best parts about November for me is that I can finally get away with massive, baggy sweaters and sweatshirts that can hide the Lovecraftian horror that is my body. At this point in the semester, you could probably come to class in your pajamas and people won’t care. Try pulling that stunt off in September. I dare you.

3. It’s Almost Acceptable To Get Into The Christmas Spirit


The holiday season is one of the best parts of the year, but people get mad at you if you start celebrating too early (@Costco). For most (sane) people, the official Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving.

As someone who once accidentally heard a Christmas song play on shuffle in March and spent the next two weeks making Christmas playlists on Spotify, I couldn’t be more excited to start celebrating the holidays. November is the time when this magical transition happens.

4. It Has A Holiday That Celebrates Eating


There are a bunch of holidays that were intended to celebrate one thing, but are often secretly celebrating something else. For example, the 4th of July is supposed to be for the birth of our nation, but we really just like exploding things. St. Patrick’s Day was meant to honor St. Patrick, but now it’s a cool way to dye our vomit green. Halloween apparently had something to do with saints, but now it’s for celebrating monsters and infuriating dentists.

Thanksgiving is no exception. A holiday that was meant to remind us to be grateful for what we have (and, I think, the harvest?) has morphed into a celebration of the victory of Man against turkeys. The whole holiday is literally just eating, which I have no problem with.

5. Basketball, Obviously


If you haven’t heard, Gonzaga is pretty into the whole basketball thing. Basketball season at GU is incredible because it unites the entire student body and gives the Gonzaga community something to be proud of besides birthing Bing Crosby. Since basketball season starts in November, November is when Gonzaga once again becomes relevant in the national conversation.

So yeah. November’s not that bad. Hang in there, Zags.



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