What your favorite Thanksgiving food says about you

Gravy: The busybody.

You haven’t seen these friends and family members since last Thanksgiving so you rush to try and get in as much conversation as possible with everyone! You like to be everywhere at once and be a friend to all.

Mashed Potatoes: The warm-hearted one.

You are generous, kind, and you want everyone to feel included and important. Your friends and family can depend on you to make them feel comfortable and all warm inside.

Cranberry Sauce: The sweet and sassy one.


You go through many fazes throughout Thanksgiving night: you’re annoyed that you had to come to another family function but you’re really happy to see everyone at the same time.

Stuffing: The one everyone likes.


You’re so unique and full of surprises! It’s been at least a year since everyone has seen you and everyone can count on you having some exciting and hilarious stories to share.

Turkey: The one who likes attention.


You’re the guest of honor and everyone is excited when they finally get to see you. In life, you have a strong presence. People can count on you to have a plan, a course of action, and with patience, you always get the job done.

Mac & cheese: The unexpected one.

No one was expecting to see you because you most likely weren’t even invited. You heard some friends and family were getting together to make a huge meal so you went, naturally.  No one could ever be mad, though, since you are always such a pleasure to see!

Pumpkin Pie: The bubbly one.thanks4

Everyone always looks forward to seeing you! You enjoy life’s sweeter moments, even if you have to wait patiently to get them. Family and friends can always look forward to having fun and some great conversation with you. You’re impossible to forget!


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