Affordable & adorable holiday presents

Holiday shopping can get pretty expensive, especially if you’re like me and like to buy for each and every one of your friends and family members! See below for some great ideas of how to save some money this holiday season.

  1. Repurpose a deck of cards by writing 52 things that you love about your friend or loved one! Simply use an extra deck of cards that you already have sitting around, write one thing you love about the person per card, and hole punch them and bind them together! They’ll keep this forever.holiday7.jpg

2. Make your own ornaments! If the person you are making a gift for celebrates Christmas, an ornament handmade by you would be so thoughtful. Get creative with some fabric and string, or just make an ornament using paper! They’ll think about you every year around Christmas when they’re decorating the tree.

3. Make your own holiday cards for your friends and family! Cards may seem super simple, but they also tend to be some of the most thoughtful gifts when you write someone a personal and heartfelt message! All you need is some paper, coloring utensils, and maybe some scissors and a glue stick!
holiday6.jpg4. Candy is a delicious and affordable present! Make the candy even more exciting when you make it into an edible sleigh! Since you can add a great deal of candy on them, they’re great presents for a small group of people or even a family as a housewarming present too.


5. Make a scarf! Making a scarf is easier than you may think! Even if you don’t know how to knit or crochet, you can repurpose a t-shirt and cut it into an infinity scarf as shown below. You can also buy some fabric at your local crafts store and cut it into a scarf. A scarf is always a good gift but it’ll mean even more being made by you!

6. Get creative with a plain white mug! Mugs like the ones shown below can be found at your local dollar store! Then, all you have to do is draw on the mug anything you want  with a sharpie and then bake the mug at 350 degrees for 30 minutes! It’s something your loved one can have forever.


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