GUEST Student Director Intern

Year in School: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineer

Job Title: Gonzaga University Event Service Team Student Director Intern

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What jump-started this process for you?

Hunter began working for GUEST during the summer between his sophomore and junior year. Throughout his junior year he worked on the GUEST operations team in the Hemmingson Center. This past summer GUEST introduced the position Student Director Intern, and Hunter applied.

(Director Intern applications will now be available in the beginning of every fall)

What is the interview process?

Hunter applied for the position online, and heard back within a couple of weeks. He scheduled an interview with, building coordinators, Chuck Faulkinberry and Sheryl Humphrey. Although Hunter was familiar with the interviewers he felt as if they still made the interview official as possible. The interview primarily consisted of situational questions, where Hunter was asked to provide solutions.

(Hunter mentioned that the interview was great practice for future interviews.)

What made him a valid candidate?

Hunter believes that his problem solving abilities made him a competitive candidate for the job. In his interview it was rather evident that Hunter enjoys working for GUEST, which also strengthened his candidacy.

What are the general expectations of the job?

Hunter serves as the main source of communication between upper level administration and the student employees. He reports any major issues within student faculty. In turn, the building coordinators pass down information to Hunter, and he then communicates it to the student faculty. Hunter explained that the general expectations for the job match the job description.

What is the culture of GUEST?

GUEST is an incredibly fun place to work, and everyone gets along really well. The most important part to note about the culture at GUEST is that everyone is treated the same. Everyone works together to make sure all events go as planned. Hunter’s goal is to bridge the gap between the leadership team and the student operations team, which often involves planning events to get everyone together in a social setting.

The most valuable thing you’ve learned?

In the event industry things can change at any given moment, so the most important thing I have learned is how to remain positive when things go wrong, deadlines aren’t met, and meetings don’t got as planned. It is important to remain calm and positive, otherwise the problem will only get bigger.

Favorite thing about internship?

Hunter enjoys the people he works with more than anything. The people at GUEST know how to have a good time while they work. Hunter also mentioned that he loves being a part of the entire process of an event, and watching events from start to finish. This internship has given Hunter an in-depth understanding of what goes into planning, executing, and dismantling a professional event.

Closing remarks

Hunter would strongly recommend this internship to any Gonzaga undergraduate student.. He recommends this position to anyone who has a strong passion for Gonzaga. This position is an opportunity to create a positive image for Gonzaga.

 (All majors can apply for an internship with GUEST)




Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 1.36.02 PM.png


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