The 10 types of students during finals week

We all have that one friend who is completely on top of everything and we all know that person who always seems to be one step behind during finals week. With a little help from the cast of How I Met You Mother, read below to see which student you are most like during finals week. Don’t think How I Met Your Mother is relevant anymore? Well, you’re wrong, because it’s the best show ever. himym4

  1. The person who is in a bad mood the entire week.himym5

  2. The person who will take absolutely any opportunity to avoid studying.himym2

  3. The person who’s booked every second of every day with different study sessions.himym1

  4. The person who can never focus and makes a terrible study buddy.himym13.gif

  5. The person who doesn’t seem to notice or care that it’s finals week.himym8

  6. The person who barely studies and still manages to ace all of their finals. himym11

  7. The person whose finals are going terribly but they have no energy to care.himym9.gif

  8. The person who just needs a hug.himym-hug.gif

  9. The person who finished all of their studying and assignments way in advance. himym7

  10. The person who stress eats all week.


Good luck with finals Zags…whichever person you are!





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