What Type Of GU Studier Are You?

This week, we hit week 4 of the spring semester, and though midterms are still a few weeks away, tests, essays, and homework are always popping up at seemingly the worst possible times. While you find a place to study for whatever it is that is taking up your valuable Netflix time, here is a look at the different types of students you may identity with and may see studying around campus.

1. The Hemmingson Social Butterflyyoushouldbestudying

During primetime Hemmingson time, club tables are lined up, the Starbucks machines are beeping and screeching, and crowds of people are packed into their own corners talking about their weekend plans; enter you, the GU student who believes they’ll get work done here. As soon as you’ve immersed your nose in a book, here comes your best friend with distractions and a video of an otter sliding down a snow hill; exit you, the no longer studying GU student.

2. Library Workaholiclibrary

Joined by your 50-pound backpack full of 8 hours of homework, a warm winter coat to accompany you on the walk back at 2 AM, and a stock pile of snacks, you are in it for the long haul and like your quiet time. While you’re usually found on the third-floor rare book room, you’ve been known to grace the second floor with your presence although rarely touching the first floor. By this point, you’ve practically become part of the library’s decor.

3. The Gym Rat Researcherelip.gif

Your type is always caught at the gym with notes or flash cards in hand. If you want to maintain or gain that hot bod all while studying for that math test, this is the studying atmosphere for you. While usually the treadmill, bike, or elliptical is the best way to study at the gym, I appreciate all of you who drop your squats and memorize your O-Chem simultaneously.

4. Last-Minute Memorizergg

Do you glance at your notes for the first time as you’re walking to the test? Or pull out your note cards for the first time seconds before the test? If you answered “yes” to either or both of these questions, you identify with the rest of those who procrastinate studying and just like to take the “L” on the test. Better luck next time.

5. Law Library Learnerelle.gif

If you’re one of the few that has discovered the law library and all its glory, take full advantage. Law student or not, this study location houses many vacant study tables, never-ending rows of books, and usually no more than five people. Though the trek is a long and slippery one through the frozen wasteland we call the GU campus, you are a dedicated student who just craves some peace and quiet.

6. The Secret Spot Studiersecret

Whether it’s at an off-campus coffee shop, second-floor Crosby, or another small nook or cranny anywhere else on campus, you are definitely the kind that likes to be adventurous in your studying routine. You love to escape the hustle and bustle of campus and sneak away to a spot you won’t want to tell anyone about. God forbid anyone ever discovers and steals your special spot.

7. The Social Media Subscribersocial.gif

If you find yourself spending more time studying your Instagram feed than your psychology, it might be time to seek out a helping hand to pry your precious smartphone from your wanting hands and pick up the textbook. It’s too bad you can’t receive credit for tweeting or scrolling through cat videos on Facebook.


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