5 Things Only Upperclassmen Remember

In the last few years Gonzaga has changed in many ways. Similarly to the pretentious articles about “90’s kids” littering the Internet, somehow upperclassmen are better than underclassmen because they remember certain things. Well, sometimes it’s true and sometimes the changes were good changes. Here is a non-comprehensive list of things only upperclassmen remember.

1. Iggy’s


Oh glorious Iggy’s. The food: terrible. The delivery time: terrible. The selection: terrible. But let me tell you, there was nothing better on a late Friday or Saturday night, than ordering Iggy’s breadsticks at 11 pm, waiting the inexplicable hour and a half for it to arrive, and then shoving that delicious cardboard and sauce into your mouth. Yes, it was a pain. Yes, the food wasn’t that good. But it was food that you could get delivered and sweet Jesus that’s all that really mattered.


2. Crosby


The Crosby you see today is but a sham of what it once was. Underneath it’s new, glossy exterior, lays the true heart of campus. Crosby used to be a place of warmth, a place with couches and armchairs, a place with warm mac and cheese, and coffeehouse music playing. It was a comforting place where you would always see a friendly face and do your homework in a soothing atmosphere. Underclassmen, you truly missed out on this gem of a place and while it is a very functional building now, there is no replacing what it once was.

3. The Hole


The Hole, for you uneducated young ones, was where the Hemmingson Center now stands. It was a literal hole with metal and concrete lining it, surrounded by a chain link fence. It was an eyesore, but it also provided very slow entertainment as it was erected. Slightly comparable to the new athletic center being built behind Rudolph but also better because it was in the direct center of campus. You had to walk around it to get anywhere, you saw it from your window, and it was very much a part of the general vibe. The vibe was: metal, refuse, and fire. It was dope.


4. The Mailroom


This may seem like a small point, especially considering how futuristic and mind-blowing the new magic mailboxes are, but there was something so relaxing about opening your own mailbox. There was no email commanding you to get your package, you just would check it. I would check mine every day. Of course I didn’t get a package everyday, but frick it felt good when there was. The solid mechanics of the key and the lock, the couches, the friends, the mac and cheese, the social experience was beyond compare. The old mailroom was a pleasure all to its own.

5.The Bomb Threat


The jury is still out on if we were in actual danger or if some kid just didn’t want to take a test, but the threat was very real. Classes were cancelled in the morning, and students anxiously awaited what would perhaps be sudden death, but also no one was really concerned about it. The campus was quiet, the tension tangible, I got an extra two hours of sleep, and then it was resolved. It was mostly a little scary, but also it was definitely an experience that only the upperclassmen had. So yeah, underclassmen missed this one but maybe that’s a good thing.


From bomb threats to actual mailboxes, a lot has occurred and evolved at the best school in the world, Gonzaga. Some good things, some bad things, but all things that make up a genuine, quality college experience. Here’s to remaining open to the changes to come, but also incessantly complaining as it happens.


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