7 Feelings You Get When You Are On An Intramural Team But You Are Not Good At Sports

Unless you are an actual athlete or somehow retained all the sports know-how from high school, or even worse, grade school, you probably have a certain level of anxiety related to participating in intramural sports. They can be scary, but they also can be so freaking fun. So suppress your feelings like an emotionally stable person, get out there, and play your little heart out. Here are the seven most common emotions associated with this recreational activity.


1. Excitement


Congratulations, you have been invited to play a sport with people! The thrill of being invited to participate in one of Gonzaga’s oldest and most loved traditions will last until the last half hour before your first game. That’s when the next feeling will hit.


2. Panic


You’ve haven’t played soccer since third grade, or basketball, or you’ve never actually heard of inter-tube basketball, or you’re not entirely sure where the pickle comes in in pickleball, but it’s too late now. You’re committed, wearing white or black, and also why is everyone so happy? The feeling in the pit of your stomach is getting worse and you consider faking an illness or an injury to get out of it.


3. Fear


The ref blows the whistle, inside your head it’s just screaming.


4. Acceptance


Actually, this isn’t so bad, you think as you run aimlessly around the field. Maybe no one has realized how bad you are. They certainly aren’t passing to you, which might actually be a good thing, considering you wouldn’t know what to do with the ball if you got it. But things seem to be going well for now.


5.Panic, Again


OH GOD YOU HAVE THE BALL! The darkness is closing in and so is the other team. Time seems to be moving slowly, or is it moving too fast? You can’t tell, but you have to do something quickly. You pass it to the nearest teammate in violent desperation and heave a huge sigh of relief. That wasn’t so bad.


6. Exhaustion


It’s not like you were in the best shape ever before this game, but you didn’t think you were in bad shape necessarily. Yet, you find yourself panting and somehow pouring buckets of sweat even though you’ve been in for maybe five minutes, tops. Man, why do people do this to themselves?


7. Relief


The game is over, you high-five your friends and the opposing team, and you are free to literally run away and never return. But maybe you will return. After all, it was kind of fun and you did not do nearly as badly as you thought you would. You are the champion, my friend.


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