6 Ways To Prepare For Spring Break

It’s midterms week here at Gonzaga University and while it may seem like this week will never end, Spring Break is closer than you think. So instead of cramming for that bio midterm, take a look at these six things you should spend your time and energy on.

1. Procrastinate

What better way to prepare for spring break than to spend your study time daydreaming about your ideal beach bod, the mountains of food you will consume, and the hours you will spend sleeping the day away with no consequence. Go ahead, ignore that ten-page paper, or the midterm you are actually taking RIGHT NOW, and start working on those fire Instagram captions you are going to publish.


2. Hit The Gym

You impulse bought a swimsuit last week that was way too much money and was a size too small because you’re optimistic and delusional. We’ve all been there, or at least I have (it gets here Wednesday), but now you have to face the music and work off all the Cinnamon Toast Crunch you’ve been shoving in your face as a coping mechanism. So, lace up those dusty old Nike’s, throw on some old T-shirt, and get swol! It is never too late for fitness, but actually I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.


3. Hang Out With Your Friends

You’re gonna be apart for a whole week! That’s a long time when you see them every day of your life. So why not blow off making that study guide for a little bit longer, and just go chill, man. I mean, let’s be honest, what matters more, this midterm, or the good memories you’ll make suppressing your stress together?



4. Scroll Through Social Media

No time like the present to develop a crippling addiction to Tasty Videos or the search section of Instagram. I heard you’re more productive when you take multiple breaks an hour from homework, so open up Facebook, pull up Twitter, and scroll until your fingers fall off. How can you study math when there are unliked pictures on Facebook anyway? Once you reach the end of the timeline you’ll get to work, promise.


5. Online Shop

As was mentioned above, it is never too late to buy your spring break wardrobe. How else are you going to look fly for all those picture perfect beach days, or the perfect joggers for lounging on your couch all day? No matter the occasion, online shopping relieves stress and money from your wallet, so pull those credit cards out! Ignore the fact that at this point, anything you order will definitely get here after spring break.


6. Play In The Snow

Things are looking up and temperatures are getting hotter, so take advantage of the muddy, half-melted piles of snow around campus before they melt. You’ll miss the cold, icy roads, and tundra fields, when you return to (gross) sun, and (barf) grass you can actually see. Just you wait, once the spring comes and all of Gonzaga is outside playing Frisbee and studying in the sunshine, you’ll miss the days of fearing for your life as you walk to class on an ice rink, and staying inside all day.


Hang in there kiddos. Sunshine and sleep are just around the corner.


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