6 Ways Spring Break Is Different In College

Growing up, spring break meant taking family vacations to the coast, warm-climate getaways, or to the great outdoors and were jam-packed with family excursions. Now that we’re in college, spring break means Vegas, Mexico, or any other destination featured on MTV’s “Spring Break.” Here’s a look at how times have changed since we wore tankinis and thought pink-tinted sunglasses were hip:

1. You Have To Plan It All Yourself


Back in the day, we were used to mom and dad planning the whole spring break trip complete with booked plane itineraries, rental car, reserved hotel rooms, and an hour-by-hour schedule of each day and didn’t have to lift a finger. But don’t fear, planning trip by yourself and other uninformed friends can be fun! With activities like ugly crying on the phone when the airline representative can’t find a cheap flight connection or having a panic attack when you realize you’re not old enough to rent a car, you’ll be sure to never plan another trip yourself again!

2. The Smoothies Are A Little Different

pina colad

If you’re one of the lucky ones over the age of 21 or you’re escaping to a destination with a lower drinking age, the Strawberry Daiquiris and Pina Coladas may taste a little different than when you were ten.

3. Charging Things To Your Room Tab Isn’t As Easy


Back when mom and dad paid for the hotel room, charging things to the room was exhilarating. Day after day you could charge room service, movies, and cheap tiki carvings from the gift shop to the hotel room bill, seemingly all for free! But now that your name is on the bill, you’re held responsible for when you “accidentally” bump the mini bar censored items and unapologetically order eight baskets of chicken strips and fries.

4. No More Luxurious Accommodations


Now I’m not saying that we all stayed in the Ritz Carlton on our family vacations, but at least mom usually booked a hotel room that wasn’t within earshot of gunshots and didn’t have mysterious stains on the sheet.

5. Sunscreen Reminders Are Things Of The Past


Remember the days of sunscreen in the mouth and the eyes after your mom was sure you’d get burned if you went outside without proper protection? Those were the days. Now that we don’t always have the constant reminder of reapplying sunscreen every 30 minutes, we can all expect the perfect amount of shoulder peeling and excruciating, scorching pain in no time!

6. No Parental Supervision


Spring Break in college is most usually done without any parental control, that is unless you have a friend or friends like me that consistently step up as a parental figure. Pro tip: if you happen to start missing your family or feel like you need some supervision in your life, refer to these certain friends as “mom” or “dad” and take on the angsty teenager role.

Now please enjoy these early-2000s spring break photos of my close friend Devon Hansen and I.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 3.47.51 PM                      Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 3.49.42 PM

If you’ve got crazy plans for this next week, here’s hoping your Spring Break is nothing like the movie “Spring Breakers” (spoiler alert: they rob a bank to fund their trip, get caught up in a gang fight and drive-by, and get arrested).

Safe Travels Zags!


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