7 Things You Experience After Spring Break

Here we are, three days back from spring break and it’s obvious that everyone is having a hard time getting back in the grove of school and work without constantly looking forward to summer. The bright side? We only have 8 more weeks left until summer break! As we all readjust, here’s a look at feelings and events you may experience during our transition from spring break:

1. Your Will To Study (And Live) Has Diminishedstudy

Now that you’re back from break, who truly wants to sit during a 90-minute lecture on accounts payable or the time period before Islam in Africa? What’s homework? How do I hold a pencil? What’s my name? Must be time to post a photo from break on Instagram about how we’d much rather be lounging by the pool than putting together a group project. (See #5)

2. The Exhaustion Is Real


After a break filled with tasty food, more sleep than ever achieved in college, and plenty of leisure time, we sure are exhausted! Don’t even think about mentioning my 8 AM class or late night study nights unless you want to see me cry.

3. Everyone is Tanner Than Youtan

If you’re anything like me and have fair skin, the idea of a tan over break was a funny, sick joke. While others are walking around with their sun-kissed skin and new freckles, your skin has just started to peel from forgetting to apply sunscreen for the five minutes you were outside or you’ve come to the realization you still are and will forever be ghostly-pale.

My solution?


4. You Constantly Question Yourself Why You Chose A School Where It Isn’t Summer All Year Long


Don’t get me wrong, I love Gonzaga and the four seasons it has to offer. But do I love the chilly rain and ice-covered sidewalks? No.

Vacationing in a warm place is such a tease when you have to come back to Spokane as we transition out of winter. How much is it to ask for one sunny day where i don’t fear freezing to death? Tell me again why I go to school where it rains sideways? Once springtime hits here, I’ll be happy to be here.

5. Instagram Is Filled With Spring Break Posts


If you scroll through your Instagram feed for even less than a minute, it’s not hard to come across a consistent wave of Cabo and “Cali” posts. We get it, you had a great spring break in [basic spring break destination] and would rather be there lying on the beach than studying for an economics test, so would we all, that doesn’t mean we all want to see pictures of your “to die for” Acai bowl. (I’m guilty of literally all this)

6. You Realize How Broke You Are


Sure at the time you thought that you needed to spend $9 on an 6-ounce smoothie at a trendy, overpriced restaurant where they had sheepskin pads as seating and their meat was grass-fed, groomed, and read a story every night before bed. But now looking back, you wish you had those $9 to spend on the essentials like Advil, toilet paper, and orange juice. I can already tell that this will be the year I sell all of my belongings to feed myself and pet fish.

7. You’ve Promised Yourself That By Summer You’ll Be Fit


After throwing on a swimsuit and clothing that doesn’t cover every square inch of your body, you might have realized things don’t quite fit the same and quickly recall attending and indulging at every Wednesday night cookie night and realize you have forgotten to hit the gym everyday since the horrific day in 8th grade PE class where you had to run a mile for time and do more than one pull-up. But didn’t you tell yourself on New Year’s you’d be fit for Spring Break? Never mind that, just remember every body is a bikini body as long as you’re wearing a bikini!

Here’s to the self-loathing, internal darkness, eternal sadness, and emptiness we may all experience this week after spring break.



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