What Nugget Shape Says About Personality

It is a little known fact that there are only four chicken nugget shapes that McDonald’s uses for its nuggets. The shapes that they have chosen are easily distinguishable and each has individual characteristics that make them unique. These golden treasures have been around since 1983 and have been near and dear to our hearts since then. Nugget shape says a lot about personality, so read on to find out which structure of deep fried goodness you most identify with.


1. Ball Nugget


The ball nugget is round and comforting. A person who is a ball nugget is someone who is down to earth and practical. The Taurus of the nuggets, a ball nugget signifies a personality that is full of stability and connection to others. This person can be found doing it all. If you are a ball nugget, you are most likely an amazing friend with a glowing smile. The ball nugget is round and so is your personality. You dabble in different hobbies and classes, always curious and searching, rolling, if you will, from subject to subject, looking to grow. The edges aren’t so crispy, and the meat is especially tender, signifying a sensitive soul incapable of harming others.


2. Boot Nugget


The boot nugget is a force of nature. With an especially identifiable shape, the boot nugget is all about action and individuality. Boot nuggets are generally late to class, as they rush from activity to activity. The boot shape signifies a person on the go, running through life. Never following the crowd, if you are boot nugget, you likely have very specific, unique interests such as oboe playing, tightrope walking, or curling. People envy both you dedication and your boundless energy. You are a sought after friend because you bring excitement and thrill to the lives of the people around you.


3. Bone or Bow Tie Nugget


The bone nugget, also called the bow tie nugget, has the characteristics of a stereotypical outsider. Counter-culture has nothing on this little hunk of processed meat. The bone nugget can typically be found hanging out in alleys, roofs, or underground skate clubs. If you are a bone nugget, you probably exclusively wear converse or doc martens, and in the style of Sid Vicious, safety pins as jewelry and accessories is a must. When people ask you if you’ve heard of a musical artist, you’re default answer if “I don’t listen to the radio.” You go to Gonzaga basketball games and fight your way to the front row, only to face away from the court the entire game as some kind of statement. To be honest, even you don’t know what the point is, but it looks cool. If you find yourself doodling things like “Down with the man,” or “anarchy” in your notebook during class, you are a bone nugget.


4. Bell Nugget


The bell nugget is your classic outdoorsy hipster. It’s oblong shape is perfect for hiking and mountain climbing on the weekend. The bell nugget exclusively wears Birkenstocks or Chacos, and has the quote “The mountains are calling me and I must go” emblazoned on their Mac laptop and their Hydroflask. During the spring, the bell nugget can be seen setting up a hammock or a slack line on campus, and relaxing in between games of hacky sack. If you are a bell nugget, you probably play the bongos or the ukulele and trail mix makes up most of your diet. The bell nugget’s flakey shell illuminates a soul that is both gentle and tenacious, determined to make a positive change in the world.



McDonald’s chicken nuggets are a staple of college life. Maybe the next time you roll through the drive thru window you will take a closer look at the delicious nugs you are about to consume, and maybe, just maybe, you might even take a closer look at yourself.


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