4 Stages of Planning the Final Four Trip

If you somehow haven’t heard (and you probably live under a rock) the Gonzaga Men’s Basketball team is headed to Phoenix, Arizona this Saturday for their first appearance in the NCAA Final Four! After their triumph over Xavier last Saturday, hundreds of zags constructed plans to follow their team down to ‘zona. By tomorrow, over 800 zags will be making the 1300 mile trip by planes, trains, and automobiles, some sacrificing hundreds of dollars to fly, others sacrificing 40+ roundtrip hours of car travel time. Right now, all I hear is “are you going to Phoenix”, this topic is trending. While you finalize those plans, here’s a look at the different stages this week has been divided into:

1. Getting a ticket

golden ticket

Getting a ticket for this game was almost like winning a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. This 40$ ticket includes access to Saturday’s game, along with a free ticket to the championship if we are to advance *knock on wood*, and also access to the NCAA March Madness Music Festival! No we don’t get to walk around a chocolate factory for the day, but seeing the Chainsmokers and Blink 182 is coming close. Even though the 700 tickets sold out in less two minutes and many lost to the computer glitches, zags are banding together to find ways to attend this milestone.

2. Making Travel Plans


As soon as the zag’s fate was determined in the Xavier game, plane tickets sky-rocketed to $900+ roundtrip which left many fans to devise other ways to travel to the “Big Dance.” When us road warriors tell our friends we are making the 40+ hour roundtrip, their eyes go wide and ask us many questions we are all thinking: “Will we all survive 40 hours together in a single car with limited snack and bathroom breaks?” “Will we still be friends after this?” This trip will test most, if not all friendships, and even if you don’t know your caravan crew very well, you will for sure after this.

3. Realizing How Much This Trip Will Cost


On top of the 40$ student ticket (or more if an unlucky zag sold their ticket to another unlucky zag or if you purchased a regular ticket) gas prices in a car of 4 or more could turn to around 100$ in gas per person plus a hotel room for the weekend, this trip seems to be costing more than what most expected. The emptying of bank accounts and selling of kidneys will probably be a theme for this historical zag moment. Look at the bright side, if your child ever asks why you only have one kidney, you can tell them the tale of the final four.

I’ve come to the realization I will not be eating on this Phoenix trip, but sko zags am I right? Definitely hoping they take swipes or bulldog bucks in Arizona.

4. Knowing It’s Going To Be A Weekend To Remember


This Saturday we will be witnessing history regardless of the ending score. Taking a road trip with fellow zags, joining 800+ Gonzaga students name-call and taunt the other team, and finding every way possible to make this trip happen will be memories we all will hold forever. And depending on how Saturday goes, this may become a weekend many may not remember.

Can’t wait to see many of you in Phoenix this weekend! Win or lose, we love our zags!



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  1. This is awesome and hilarious!! Have a great trip!


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