Emotions Gonzaga Will Experience After The Game

Today is possibly the most important day of our lives as we watch our beloved Zags decimate UNC. Here is a quick guide to the celebration that will occur after, and also how to handle all the emotions that will flood in.

Scenario 1: WE WIN

Of course this is the most likely option, and as such, the celebration will be epic.



Nothing will top the pure, unadulterated happiness that we will feel when we win. You may think “what about the day I get married, or the birth of my children?” Wrong. Those events, while milestones in anyone’s life, will, without a doubt, pale in comparison to levels of dopamine that will rush through your brain come the complete triumph of the Bulldogs.



The overwhelming amount of love we feel for each other will only multiply by a million as Zags embrace, kiss, and even high-five each other. We will merge consciousness and become one united feeling of love. Love for the team, love for each other, and love for Gonzaga as a whole. This is the best freaking school.



This is not merely excitement; this is a feeling bordering on hysteria. I might vomit from the pure level of emotion that we will be experiencing. It’s probably good we’re not watching in Hemmingson because that building is unstable as it is, not to mention the abuse it has suffered from the watch parties. Without a doubt, if the student population was in the Hemmingson for this game, the building would collapse and we would be out a student center.


Scenario 2: We Lose

As unlikely as this is, it is necessary to address it in order to adequately prepare for the heartbreak that will come.

Indignation/ Anger:

I know our Zags and I know that if we lose it will be because of a conglomeration of events outside of our control. I also know that the student body does not easily accept defeat and if we lose there will be riots. We have been burning couches out of love, but that can easily turn to burning couches out of pure fiery rage.



The yells of wrath will soon turn to shrieks of sadness and pain. The tears of the Gonzaga population will run through the streets of the Logan as we grieve for the loss of our team. We will set the neighborhood on fire and promptly put it out again with our tears.


No matter what, this team has made it farther than any Gonzaga team has ever made it, and the Gonzaga student body is overwhelmingly proud of them. This has been an amazing journey and our team played so well. No matter what anyone says, we deserve to compete in the National Championships, and we deserve to win.




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