The 4 GEL Baby Types

Starting this Saturday, over 1000 prospective students will be taking over GU during GEL weekend (AKA Gonzaga Experience Live) where accepted high school and transfer students will experience life as a Zag alongside Gonzaga student hosts. This whole weekend is planned to the T with scheduled meal times, a hypnotist, and academic sessions all to give prospectives the chance to experience college first hand. I myself may have already been a GEL baby and a GEL mom, but here’s some of the types of students you hosts may experience and a few tips on how to survive the weekend:

1. The Doubter


This type of GEL student believes that GU is not it’s all cracked up to be and that the university only brings out the big guns for this weekend. In addition to constantly doubting the honesty of Gonzaga and its values, this student will also be accompanied by nonstop bragging of all the other schools they were accepted to and how [insert lame university’s name] is better.

The funny part is, Gonzaga just really is that amazing and awesome and really the only thing to doubt is the strawberries. They’ll soon figure out that this succulent and unfrozen fruit only makes an appearance during GEL weekend and Fall Family Weekend, but other than that, Gonzaga is not a deceiver.

What Should You Do?

Conceal don’t feel, don’t let it show that this student is bashing on every aspect of the university you bleed school spirit for. Instead, take a step back and show them some of your favorite parts about Gonzaga that GEL weekend may have failed to point out like registering for classes and housing, the long COG lines, and climbing to fourth floor college hall! They’ll be sure to commit in no time!

2. The Party Animal


This specific GEL student type thinks all the pre-planned activities are just so totally lame and wants to experience the parties, hookup culture, and bad decisions that college has to offer. This may be the first time they have had some time off from their parents in the last 18 years and want to go buck wild with their new, fellow GEL friends.

What Should You Do?

As an appointed GEL mom/dad, your job is to keep your newly-born baby out of trouble and away from actions that may cause revoking of acceptance for both you and the prospective student. Instead take them to Casino Night and tell them this is actually more fun than the GEL weekend parties they heard about while you sip mocktails and fan yourself with monopoly money. Keep an eye on them, they may plan to go rogue.

3. The Endless Questioner


This GEL baby type came prepared with a typed out, MLA formatted, and color-coated list of questions regarding every building, club, and blade of grass on campus. Just when you think they might be done with their rapid fire of inquiries of campus life, they start hitting you with questions that you’re not even sure the senior ambassadors know.

What Should You Do?

Make sure you try to answer all of their questions that you’re at least 70% positive you know the answer to. You remember what it was like to be in a foreign place that may or may not be your new home for the next four years? Answers are good. But once they start whipping out questions about which college hall stall was Bing Crosby’s preferred, that’s when you can start making up answers.

4. The Type Who Is Actually Really Cool


Let’s be honest, you were worried you were going to get a crazy intense student like your roommate has or like you were back in the day, but instead you got blessed with a GEL baby that you could see yourself being friends with outside of this exciting weekend. You don’t want them to leave and want to walk around campus showing off your perfect little GEL baby to the world.

What Should You Do?

Show them the best time at GU while sharing stories of your first year in college and calming any worries they may have. Just think, if you get this amazing human to commit to Gonzaga, they could be the new best friend you need!

Once the weekend is over, leaving your GEL baby after receiving your t-shirt (let’s be real, this is the biggest reason you signed up) can be bittersweet. It’s weird, it seems like just yesterday they popped into your life. They grow up so fast (crying face).


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