4 Egg-cellent Things About Easter

Easter is graced as a time to celebrate Jesus and his resurrection and for those not religious, a holiday to spend an extended amount of time with family and snack on chocolate bunnies and Easter egg candy. While the whole aspect of taking the time to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection is the reason for the holiday, it isn’t a bad thing to appreciate everything else that comes with the fluffy, white rabbit. As we draw nearer to Easter Break, let’s reminisce on all the egg-tastic parts about this holiday:

1. Lent Is Over


Congratulations to those of you who stuck to your lenten promises these past 40 days and chose not to indulge in aspects of life you just can’t get enough of. Spring break, the Zags making the National Championship, and life in general all served as trying times for those of us that chose to give up something.

While I’m not Catholic, I like to participate with my friends by taking part in the art of giving up things I love like chocolate, late-night snacking, gluten, and giving up in general. Let’s just say, I’ll try harder next year.

2. Easter Baskets


Though my mom has informed me she will no longer be doing easter baskets for my 20-year-old self (but it’s fine, I’m fine, I’m not bitter), Easter always helped hold me over until Christmas. These novelty baskets filled with fake grass that usually ended up all over the house, overly-detailed chocolate bunnies that made it hard to eat them, and Easter-themed games and stuffed animals lifted our adolescent spirits and continue to do so now that we have grown to stressed and failing college students.

3. Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

Chocolate eggs, eggs filled with candy and money, and colorful hard-boiled eggs that is. Whatever your favorite is, you can’t lie, it is kind of weird that we glorify this otherwise mundane snack during this holiday. But it’s all just fun and games to us, except to one of my dear friends who actually fears eggs.

4. Extended Weekend


Going to Catholic college has its perks like our strong mission of empowering the mind, body, and soul, learning more about the Bible then we probably care to, and best of all, the extended breaks for holidays. While many state schools don’t even recognize Easter, we here at Gonzaga get a four day weekend where we get to visit home, worship God, and eat our weight in chocolate. Hoppy weekend zags!

Around this time, I still always question how and why the Easter Bunny lays eggs???


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